Protective Enclosures Company

Customer Success Story

Brothers Justin and Jarad King simply wanted to put TVs on their outside patios, but couldn't find reasonable options. Solutions at the time ranged from impractical grill covers for TV protection to budget-buster outdoor TVs costing approximately $6,000 to $10,000. Determined to develop a better alternative, Jarad and Justin launched Protective Enclosures Company in 2009, and worked on a weatherproof, sturdy, secure and economical outdoor TV option.

When PEC started in 2012, they used QuickBooks and MS-Excel spreadsheets as well as a BigCommerce web site. Once they reached $750,000 in sales it was apparent they needed a better ERP system to manage the sales, inventory and production processes. They also wanted a product that offered QuickBooks and BigCommerce integration and CRM software.

They evaluated several ERP and CRM programs over a 6 month period including SAP Business One and decided to move forward with Agiliron because it had all the tools and integrated with QuickBooks and BigCommerce. The price for the product was also very attractive.

Agiliron enabled PEC to efficiently transition from $750K to over $2 million in sales during a two year period. PEC uses Agiliron to manage 6 sales channels - 2 B2C BigCommerce sites, 1 Agiliron B2B site, eBay, Amazon and Direct Sales.

During the implementation process the team at Agiliron worked with the a team of 3 at PEC to implement the program in less than 90 days. Since that time the Agiliron team has helped them create custom reports, new processes and tools as needed to help their business run efficiently and smoothly.

As Jarad puts it "The system is good for any company that needs to have Website, ERP, CRM and QuickBooks integration. The Agiliron team is very supportive and helpful and constantly looking for ways to continue to improve the product. We at PEC are glad we choose the Agiliron product because it offers us a complete business solutions software system for a much lower cost than many other systems on the market."


Business: Outdoor Protective Enclosures Equipment Supplier

Industry: B2C/B2C E-Commerce, Wholesale

City: Altamonte Springs, FL

Locations: Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania, California


"We are now using Agiliron to manage 6 sales channels - 2 BigCommerce B2C sites, 1 Agiliron B2B site, eBay, Amazon and Direct Sales. The system has allowed us to manage our sales processes as we have grown from $750K to over $2M in sales over last 2 yrs."

- Jarad King - President, Protective Enclosures Company

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