Protective Enclosures Company - Customer Success Story

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Brothers Justin and Jarad King simply wanted to put TVs on their outside patios, but couldn't find reasonable options.Solutions at the time ranged from impractical grill covers for TV protection to budget-buster outdoor TVs costing approximately $6,000 to $10,000. Determined to develop a better alternative, Jarad and Justin launched Protective Enclosures Company in 2009, and worked on a weatherproof, sturdy, secure and economical outdoor TV option. They spent two years trouble-shooting, researching and engineering until The TV Shield branded weatherproof TV enclosure was born - designed to help prevent vandalism and handle elements of tropical climates including rain, heat, moisture, impact from objects in storms, and insects. A durable and water-resistant TV case, The TV Shield's ultra-clear front panel easily opens for a direct view of the TV, allowing viewers to watch, protect and secure nearly any TV in almost any environment.

As the demand has grown across both residential and commercial markets, Protective Enclosures Company has expanded their product line and brand portfolio to become the leading US based manufacturer of lightweight, cost effective TV and digital signage enclosures, now offering The TV Shield, The TV Shield Pro and The Display Shield. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, these water-resistant TV cases and weatherproof display enclosures can be found at select Marriott, Sheraton, TGI Friday, P.F. Chang, Houlihan's, Bahama Breeze and Six Flags parks locations as well as Talladega Superspeedway, Everbank Field (home of the Jacksonville Jaguars), Bryant-Denny Stadium (at the University of Alabama), AT&T Stadium (arena of the Dallas Cowboys), Times Square and more. The company has been highlighted by various news shows including Fox News, Lifetime Network's hit show: Designing Spaces and HGTV's popular show Spontaneous Construction.

From homes, restaurants, theme parks, sports arenas (stadiums), airports, government facilities, universities, primary schools, high schools, correctional institutions, and hospitals to factories, organizations across various industries, including Ghirardelli, Southwest Airlines and others have found a trusted weatherproof TV protection solution in PEC's products. PEC's enclosures now protect TVs and video displays in over 6000 residential and commercial locations/environments from the US ARMY Institute for Chemical Research, to mines in Chile and more than 15 countries worldwide.


Bussiness: Outdoor Protective Enclosures Equipment Supplier

Industry: B2C/B2C E-Commerce, Wholesale

City: Altamonte Springs, FL

Locations: Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania, California

We are now using Agiliron to manage 6 sales channels - 2 BigCommerce B2C sites, 1 Agiliron B2B site, eBay, Amazon and Direct Sales. The system has allowed us to manage our sales processes as we have grown from $750K to over $2M in sales over last 2 yrs. - Jarad King - President, PEC
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  • Testimonial

    When PEC started in 2012 we used QuickBooks and MS-Excel spreadsheets as well as a BigCommerce web site. Once we reached $750,000 in sales within the first 12 months we realized that the The TV Shield product was going to be bigger in the commercial markets than it was in the residential market requiring us to have a better ERP system to manage the sales, inventory and production processes as well as we wanted a product that offered QuickBooks and BigCommerce integration and CRM software.

    We looked at several other ERP and CRM programs over a 6 month period including SAP Business One and decided to move forward with Agiliron because it had all the tools and processes we needed and it integrated with QuickBooks and BigCommerce and the price for the product was very attractive and it's cloud based system allows us to be connected anywhere which is something we wanted as well.

    Agiliron has enabled us to implement a CRM process that we were missing and allowed us to create a database of customers and contacts that we can now regular follow-up on and communicate with after tradeshows as well as helped us put a true sales funnel process. The system has also allowed us to properly manage our sales and ordering processes as we have grown form $750K to over $2 million in sales over the last two years. Without a system like Agiliron we would have never been able to manage that amount of sales growth in less than a two year period. We are now using Agiliron to manage 6 sales channels - 2 B2C BigCommerce sites, 1 Agiliron B2B site, eBay, Amazon and our Direct Sales.We are able to have all of the information seamless connect through the Agiliron system and process into QuickBooks so that we have a complete and comprehensive information and data.

    One of the biggest questions we had and many people have when deciding on a new system is how easy it to implement? The team at Agiliron worked with our team of only three people to implement the program and we were able to go from no ERP/CRM system to be up and fully operational on the Agiliron system in less than 90 days. Since that time the Agiliron team has helped us create custom reports, new processes and tools as needed to help our business run efficiently and smoothly. The system is a good system for any company that needs to have Website, ERP, CRM and QuickBooks integration. The Agiliron team is very supportive and helpful and constantly looking for ways to continue to improve the product. We at PEC are glad we choose the Agiliron product because it offers us a complete business solutions software system for a much lower cost than many other systems on the market.

    The bottom line is that the Agiliron team and software (SaaS) system are very good and well worth the money.

    - Jarad King, President, Protective Enclosures Company

  • Challenges

    Support for Sales thru multiple WebStores (B2C BigCommerce, B2B Agiliron), eBay, Amazon & Direct Sales - Sales thru these various channels requires integration - it was very inefficient to take and process orders and re-enter them in multiple systems. Dealing with sales returns, order modifications etc. required being in several systems. One had no visibility or understanding into the state of the business at any point in time.

    Product, Pricing, Inventory & Supply-Chain Management- Prior to Agiliron, Inventory management was manual and consisted of spreadsheets and QuickBooks and moving of information back and forth with the various marketplaces and websites. It was time-consuming to keep it in sync across the Webstores and QuickBooks and the numbers were never accurate in any solution at any time. Managing inventory across multiple warehouse locations was also a challenge. Generation of POs to Vendors esp. for Drop-Ship components was a very time consuming activity. With sales direct to consumers and to commercial businesses managing pricing through various price lists was also cumbersome.

    Customer Management - With no CRM system to speak of and no integration with all the sales channels made it very difficult to manage pricing and customer history of sales and other interactions, providing customer support real-time to customers. Also, order management as the sources of sales grew was increasingly challenging and email marketing for promos and newsletters required data massaging in spreadsheets and uploads to other providers.

    Multi-user CRM and BackOffice Solution - previous patchwork of solutions required management, marketing, sales employees to use different tools to accomplish their tasks - QuickBooks, Spreadsheets and WebStores. Multiple users access from multiple locations was a severe constraint and everyone requiring access to QuickBooks accounting system with little data controls was unmanageable.

  • Solution & Results

    Edition, Modules, Users & Roles
    • Edition: Agiliron Enterprise Edition
    • Modules: Direct Sales, B2B WebStore, B2C BigCommerce Integration, eBay, Amazon, CRM, Order Management, QuickBooks Enterprise Integration
    • Users: CEO, President, COO, Marketing, Sales, Support, Accounting
    Challenges Addressed & Results
    • Multiple Sales Channels under one Roof
      • CRM Direct Entry for Phone/Fax orders
      • 2 BigCommerce Sites integrated with Agiliron
      • Agiliron B2B Webstore for B2B Ecommerce
      • eBay
      • Amazon
    • Streamlined Product Catalog, Inventory, Pricing & Supply-Chain Management
      • Single Product Catalog from all vendor products and multi-warehouse stock management
      • Pricing information captured into different PriceBooks for different pricing levels - this includes Customer Specific Pricing for Commercial Customers
      • Auto-sync of product, inventory & pricing information across all sales channels
      • Auto Generation of POs to Vendors from Customer Orders for Drop-Ship components
    • CRM for Customer Records and Customer Communication Automated
      • Single Customer database of customers across all Sales Channels - includes Customer Contact Information, Emails, Attachments/Notes, Activities, Quotes, Orders
      • Order Management across all Sales Channels to handle order changes, sales returns
      • Automatically Sync to QuickBooks for Invoicing
      • Real-time Customer information available for Support team
      • Email Marketing directly from Customer database with ability to segment by Type
    • Productivity Significantly Improved and Limiters to Growth Addressed
      • More time spared for growing the business and improving the overall customer experience
      • Most manual processes eliminated, significantly enhanced the visibility of the overall business
      • All users now can login from any location into the system and perform their job functions
      • Only Accounting needs access to QuickBooks
    Impact on Business
    • Single Integrated Solution for managing all the Sales Channels, Back-Office and Front-Office functions and QuickBooks Integration
    • Significant cost savings in time and personnel for managing daily operations
    • Total visibility into customers/orders/overall business from anywhere at any time
    • Facilitated business growth from $750K to $2M in Sales in 2 years
    Adoption & Deployment Timelines
    • Entire migration and deployment completed in 90 days
  • Highlighted Capabilities

    • Product:
      • Enterprise Edition
    • Multiple Sales Channels:
      • Direct Phone/Fax Orders
      • B2B WebStore
      • 2 BigCommerce B2C WebStores Integrated into Agiliron
      • eBay
      • Amazon
    • Integrated CRM:
      • CRM that integrates Customers from all Sales Channels
      • Customer Specific Pricing in B2B, Direct Sales
      • Order Management across all Sales Channels
      • Email Marketing to Complete Customer Database
    • Integrated Back-Office:
      • Multiple Inventory Stock Locations, Auto-Sync of Inventory across Channels
      • Multiple PriceBooks, Customer Specific Pricing for B2B Sales
      • Single Product Catalog across all Sales Channels including external BigCommerce Stores
      • Product Assemblies from Components
      • Auto-generation of POs from Sales Orders to Vendors
    • QuickBooks Enterprise Integration
  • Business Process Flow

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