Customizing Sales Receipts

This feature allows the user to create custom sales receipts for POS transactions.

Note: This feature is only available in the Enterprise and higher editions of Agiliron.


There are several standard templates included with Agiliron that are available for editing.

  • Navigate to Settings > Templates to begin.



  • Select one of the standard POS templates from the list.



  • The following screen will appear.
  • Click "Edit" to make changes to the template.



  • The Available Merge Fields section allows the user to select specific field markers and add them to the receipt.
    • More information about inserting field markers into the templates can be found here.



  • Scrolling down in the receipt body reveals more fields that can be customized using field markers.
  • Replace the current marker with the desired information.
  • Column headings can also be changed here as well.



  • Clicking the "Source" button reveals the HTML code than can be modified if users are comfortable with HTML editing.
  • Click "Save" to update when all edits have been made.