• Retail POS - How It Works

    The Workflow Picture below provides an overview of a typical business process to manage one or more retail brick and mortar stores - demonstrating sales through two retail stores with one or more checkout lanes.

    The various steps outlined in this process are:

    • 1. Selecting products and inventory to be sold thru a retail store
    • 2. Assigning prices to the the selected products for sale
    • 3. Pushing the selected products and pricing information to the retail store POS
    • 4. Purchase of one or more products by a retail shopper
    • 5. Capturing the completed transaction information - Customer, Order Details
    • 6. Handling of any Customer Support items in the context of the customer or order
    • 7. Order Fulfillment for any orders that require shipping to customer.

    Business Workflow

    How It Works - Retail POS - Business WorkFlow