• Agiliron System Requirements

    The AGILIRON Business Management Solution Suite is delivered using a hosted Software As A Service model. As a result the system requirements for using the solution are fairly minimal allowing for complete access anytime, anywhere.

    The specific system requirements are:

    • PC running Windows 10+ ® OR Apple Mac running Mac OS X 10.11+ ® - 3.0 Ghz or higher CPU, 2GB or higher RAM, Display Dimensions 1024x768 or higher
    • Web Browser - Google Chrome 58+, Mozilla Firefox 53+, Microsoft Edge 38+ are supported.
    • Broadband Internet Connection (DSL, Cable or equivalent)
    • QuickBooks ® integration requires QuickBooks Online Plus OR QuickBooks Desktop 2016+ on Windows 10+
    • Integration with online marketplaces (e.g. eBay) requires a seller account with the marketplace and secure access from the AGILIRON solution to your marketplace account (documented instructions are available).
    • For Retail POS hardware requirements, please see POS Hardware

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