Agiliron Version 10.4 Updates

January 7, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Agiliron version 10.4 is now available on all accounts. This release contains a number of new features and updates.

Agiliron version 10.4 contains the following: 


  • Amazon Order Capture Enhancements
    • Amazon Order capture from Seller Central has been improved to capture pending orders. Pending Orders pulled will initially be missing some information (e.g. Customer info) because it is not available from Amazon yet. As they become available, the order will automatically update to add the new information.
    • The motivation for this addition is to reduce the inventory sync window for high transaction volume businesses so as to keep the inventory numbers updated as soon as orders are created.
  • Amazon Order Cancel Handling
    • I0.4 adds handling of Order Cancellation on Amazon (before shipment) through Agiliron. On customer cancellation of Amazon order (on Amazon), Order in Agiliron will be marked as “Canceled” and inventory adjusted in all sales channels (with auto-sync inventory on) where the products in the order are posted.
  • Account & Contact Custom Fields to Quotes
    • The content of any custom fields in Account & Contact are now automatically transferred to a Quote when an Account and/or Contact is selected if the name of the custom field matches the one in Account or Contact.
  • Quote Custom Fields to Sales Orders
    • The content of any custom fields in Quote is now automatically transferred to a Sales Order on Quote Conversion if the name of the custom field in Sales Order matches the one in Quote.
  • Webstore Theme Editor
    • Addition of Color Settings page to manage color for various elements across site
  • New Customizable Template¬†547100150 has been added
  • Auto PO Enhancements
    • Adds an option to generate POs with purchase quantity required to maintain a preferred stock level specified for each product (in additional to previously supported static Preferred Order Quantity). Please contact if you would like to switch Auto PO to preferred stock level approach.
  • Settings > Templates
    • “Duplicate” capability added to Templates to clone them easily
  • Product Import
    • Made “Unit Cost”, “Qty in Stock” and “Stock Location” optional fields in All Fields import
    • This facilitates updates to other import columns without impacting inventory
    • If “Qty in Stock” is included, “Unit Cost” and “Stock Location” are required
  • PO/SO Import Enhancements
    • Improved Validation and handling of Date, Numeric & Payment fields.
  • Shopify & Magento Product Export
    • Now includes Matrix SKU Images
  • Customer Account Timeline
    • Now includes SO, Quotes, Sales Returns
  • Shipping Custom Views
    • Added support for Sales Order Custom Fields


  • Refinements to the Exchange Workflow based on customer feedback
  • Coupons with % Discount – Support for 4 decimals added
  • Fixes for handling of multiple payments in Returns in POS Reports

WH App

  • Paging improvements for all workflows (pending Apple approval of App upgrade version – watch for download on iTunes Store Notification)