Agiliron Version 10.8 Updates

June 28, 2018 - 6 minutes read

Agiliron version 10.8 is now available on all accounts. This release contains a number of new features and updates.

Agiliron version 10.8 contains the following: 

  • QuickBooks Online WebHooks for PO and Invoice
    • Payments Received on Invoices in QBO updates the Payments and Paid Status in Agiliron
    • Bill Payments to Vendors in QBO updates the Payments and Paid Status in Agiliron
    • If you want to use this feature, please email to have it turned “on”
  • QBO/QBD – “Sync SalesOrder Description” option added
    • New Optional Selection available for syncing Sales Order “Description” field to QuickBooks. This is “off” by default, it can be turned “on” in “Settings > QuickBooks”
  • QBO/QBD – “Sync PO Due Date” option added
    • New Optional Selection available for syncing Purchase Order “Due Date” field to QuickBooks. This is “off” by default, it can be turned “on” in “Settings > QuickBooks”
  • QBO/QBD PO Sync Improvements
    • PO Sync to QuickBooks enhanced with inclusion of Product Code in the Line Item Description
    • Vendor Name character limit to sync to QBO increased to 100 characters
  • New SO/SR Credit Card Processing Enhancement
    • “New Sales Order” and “New Sales Return” now allow Processing of Credit Cards (without having to Save the Order/Return first)
    • Fill in the Sales Orders/Sales Returns details (Customer, Product Line Items etc.), then select the “Payment Method” as “Credit Card” (or Visa/MasterCard/American Express or other CC type methods), the “Process” button becomes available to process the card
  • New/Edit SO/Quote/SR/PO Contact Addition
    • “Contact Name” field in these modules now includes a “New Contact” button (+ icon)…clicking this will bring up a dialog to enter Contact Name
    • This New Contact is automatically associated with the “Account Name” selected on the form and added to the transaction in progress
  • Bulk Transfer – New Select products
    • Bulk Transfer flow now allows selection of products on the Transfer page by Auto-complete or Product Selection dialog
    • This should facilitate the addition of products on to a single bulk transfer without paging through products on the products list view
    • Also, the sequence of products in the Ship Order created for the transfer now sorts the Products alphabetically by Product Code
  • Receivables Credit Card Processing Added
    • Accounting > Receivables > Accounts with Balance Custom View > Receive Payment now adds “Process” button for “Credit Card” payment type methods.
    • Click “Process” button to run the credit card for the selected amount using the payment processor set up in “Settings > Payment Processors”
    • Then click “Save” to assign the amounts and authorization info to the selected sales orders on that page.
  • Auto Product Code/Barcode/Matrix Sku Code generation
    • Optional capability that enables the system to generate sequential numbers for Product Codes, Barcodes and Matrix Sku Codes (later for Matrix Item products)
    • If you want to use this feature, please email to have it turned “on”
  • Shipping Edit View – new fields enabled for editing
    • The Ship To, Shipping Address, City, State, ZipCode & Country fields are not enabled to be editable in the Shipping module edit page.
  • Shipping Information Import – New Field Columns
    • Shipping Import CSV format updated to allow for additional fields (see template at the bottom of the Shipping module)
    • New fields supported – “Deliver From” – provide optional Stock Location Code, “Product Code” & “Serial/Lot #” for specification of Serial or Lot numbers shipped for Serialized and Lot Tracked Products
  • “Assigned To” User Selection for PDF emails across all modules
    • Email PDFs for Sales Receipts, Invoices, Quotes and other documents now allows selection of “Assigned To” user to include in the email list (in addition to existing selections of Customer Accounts, Contacts, Vendors etc. depending on the module)
  • Product Timeline Improvements
    • Product Timeline in the Product details page has been enhanced with more detailed information on the product related events and history
  • Amazon Prime Handling
    • New field “Amazon Prime Shipping” has been added to the Sales Order “Shipping Information” panel – this checkbox will be “on” if it is an Amazon Prime order and can be used for Reporting or Custom View filtering.
  • Select Stock Location Inventory Sync
    • By default, Inventory from all Stock locations is now synced to Sales Channels if auto-inventory sync is turned on for a Sales Channel.
    • You can now select one/more stock locations to sync to specific Sales Channels when auto-inventory sync is turned on. Please email if you want to enable this feature.
  • B2B Webstore now supports a new Payment Method “Purchase Order” – this includes a field in checkout for entry of a PO # by user. This is then captured in the BackOffice Sales Order, Payment Method field and Customer No field
  • One new 5* themes (549100240) added to the collection of themes – this theme supports the interactive theme editor