Agiliron Inventory Management Software Receives 2019 Premium Usability Award from Platform for SaaS Reviews

February 27, 2019 - 2 minutes read a software directory that features thousands of businesses has recently awarded Agiliron the 2019 Premium Usability Award. The review platform reserves this honor to business solution that serve as a hallmark for usability, ease of use, and great interface design.

The FinancesOnline experts reviewed Agiliron under their top inventory management software category and underscored four key benefits. This includes:

  • PRICING: According to the FinancesOnline experts, the Agiliron pricing options are “priced attractively” and supplies users with all the necessary tools they need for managing their operations “without breaking the bank.” Moreover, the multiple pricing tiers allow users to effortlessly scale as they see fit.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SYSTEM: The software offers “a great degree of flexibility” to match one’s specific requirements. Its tools were also lauded for its customizability and for allowing users to easily adapt the system to suit their business processes.
  • ANYWHERE POS: As stated by the FinancesOnline team, users “do not even need an internet connection” to sell their merchandise. With its mobile POS version, users are able to sell wherever and whenever they want.  
  • CONNECTED PLATFORMS: What makes Agiliron different from other solutions is its smooth integration with eCommerce apps and other kinds of business solutions. This allows users to manage one’s finances, manage inventory on multiple marketplaces, have full control over their order delivery, and handle other core business operations with ease.

To learn more about what are popular inventory management systems on the market today and to read the full review of Agiliron, be sure to visit the FinancesOnline website today.