Agiliron Version 12.1

May 21, 2019 - 9 minutes read

Agiliron Version 12.1 Release Highlights

Agiliron Version 12.1 Release Full Details[ps2id id=’qbo’ target=”/]

CRM & BackOffice


  • QuickBooks Integration Enhancements[ps2id id=’shipping’ target=”/]
    • “Settings > QuickBooks > Use as Transaction Date” for Sales Orders
      • Adds support for “Shipping Date” as an option
      • If “Shipping Date” is not available in a transaction, then defaults to “Modified Date”
    • Sales Returns – “Channel” field value to “Class”
      • “Channel” has been added as a field in Sales Returns now
      • This now syncs to QBO & QBD if Classes sync is turned On in Agiliron and QuickBooks

Transaction Modules

  • Sales Order & Quotes – Added Support for Estimating Carrier Shipping Costs (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Enhances Sales Order New/Edit form in the Agiliron CRM with a Shipping Cost Calculator that gets Real-time shipping rates from Carriers
    • In this release, support is only for US addresses – this will be expanded to International in the next update.
    • Carrier credential fields setup is available in “Settings > Shipping Carriers” along with “Test Connection” capability in each case to verify the credentials.
      • If “Test Connection” is successful, system will automatically set “Active” checkbox
      • Only “Active” Carriers will be queried to estimate shipping costs.
    • “Estimate” button is available left of the “Shipping” text field in the SO New/Edit form
      • Checks “Settings > Carriers” with verified API credentials (“Active”)
      • If none verified, displays message to user “Please setup API Connection to your Carrier accounts to enable the Shipping Cost Estimator.”
      • If one/more Carriers are setup with verified credentials, the system makes the API calls with necessary product Qty, weight, volume, from and ship to information and gets the rate options/costs information[ps2id id=’emails’ target=”/]
    • Displays the options in a dialog that presents Carriers and options/costs for each carrier in separate blocks with a radio button to select one of them
      • Based on user selection above, system then adds the Shipping rate to the Sales Order form “Shipping” field and sets the “Carrier” and “Shipping Method” fields on the Sales Order.
  • Sales Receipt & Invoice & Other PDFs Enhancements (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Emails Content Customization with Customizable PDF Templates
      • When sending Transaction PDFs (e.g. Invoice or Sales Receipt or Purchase Order)
        • The system includes the content of these templates in the body of the email and attaches the same as PDF by default
      • An optional customization is now available that instead of including the content of the PDF template in the body of the email, the body of the email comes from a separate template as noted below
        • “Invoice – Customizable” – email template “Email Invoice”
        • “Sales Receipt – Customizable” – email template “Email Sales Receipt”
        • “Quote – Customizable” – email template “Email Quote”
        • “Pending Invoices – Customizable” – email template “Email Pending Invoices”
        • “Purchase Order – Customizable” – email template “Email Purchase Order”
        • “Purchase Return – Customizable” – email template “Email Purchase Return”
        • “Sales Return – Customizable” – email template “Email Sales Return”
      • Please email if would like to opt for this change.
  • New Marker for Combined Sales Tax
    • Added new field markers for Sales Order, Sales Returns and Quotes
      • “Sales Tax Authority Combined”
      • “Sales Tax Combined”
    • This provides a table with “Tax Authority Name” and “Sales Tax” amount
      • If Sales Tax Authority is a combined one (e.g. combination of 2 or more rates), then the table will contain X rows of the components and 1 row of the combined information.
  • “Pending Invoices – Customizable” PDF – Customization of the Order list columns
    • Provided additional field markers that allows for customization of the Order and Return row columns in the Customer Statements.

POS[ps2id id=’pos-channel’ target=”/]

  • Customer Text Field in POS – Account Number & Phone Number match
    • Two New fields in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration tabs
      • “Allow Customer Account Number Search” – Options “Yes/No”, Default – “No”
      • “Allow Customer Phone Number Search” – Options “Yes/No”, Default – “No”
    • “Allow Customer Account Number Search” enables Account “Account Number” based search of Customers in Customer Text Field in POS – “Account Number” is a field in “Account”
    • “Allow Customer Phone Number Search” enables Account or Contact Phone Number based search of Customers in Customer Text Field in POS – There are multiple phone fields in Account and Contact so matches against any of them
  • Customer Specific Pricebook Products only Feature added
    • New field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Pricing Options tab”
      • “Show only Customer Pricebook Products” – default is “No”
    • If this is enabled, only products in that pricebook will be selectable in the POS
    • Without any customer selection, POS will display all products from the POS default pricebook
  • QOH (Qty on Hand) & QSO|QPO (Qty on SO|Qty on PO) columns Options Added
    • New field in the “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Inventory Options”
      • “Display Stock Information in Product Line Items” – Options – “Yes/No”, Default – “No”
    • Adds “QOH” and “QSO|QPO” columns in the transaction Product Line items table next to the “Qty” column.
      • These columns are not editable, Displays the Qty information for the Stock Location of the POS channel
      • Also highlights these columns in Red/Green based on Qty availability
  • On Hold Orders – Receipt Option Added
    • New field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration tab > Customer Receipt Options tab”
      • Added field “On Hold Receipt” – Options “Yes/No”, Default “No”
    • Follows the same process as “Checkout” in terms of generating the Receipt (Print/Email/Prompt based on setting)
    • Works for Sale/Exchange where On Hold is supported and uses the respective checkout receipt template (default/customizable depending on user selection)
    • But on those templates a “Draft” watermark is added on the top left
  • For Exchanges – Customizable Receipt Enhancements
    • After the Sale line items added a row with
      • “Total Sale Qty” and “Total Sale Amount”
    • After the Return line items added a row with
      • “Total Return Qty” and “Total Return Amount”
  • Sales Returns from POS created in BackOffice now have “Channel” & “Channel Order ID” fields set.