Agiliron Version 14.2 Product Release

September 9, 2021 - 2 minutes read

V14.2 Release Details


CRM Modules

  • Quantity in Stock – Timeline Snapshot Capture Archive (Enterprise+ Only, Additional Cost)
    • New Feature – System will auto capture a snapshot of the inventory for all active products in the system at designated times of the day
      • At customizable times of the day and/or frequency (e.g. at specified hours or end of day)
      • This data will maintained for a customizable sliding window of time (e.g. 90 days)
      • There will be an additional cost / month for this feature to cover the storage costs
        • The actual cost will be based on the storage requirements for your business (number
          of products, number of stock locations, frequency of data capture and how long the data is maintained).
        • Please contact if you are interested in this feature and the team will estimate the cost for you.

eBay Integration

  • New eBay Integration Support Features Added to the Channel Settings
    • eBay Managed Payments
    • eBay Global Shipping
    • eBay Private Listing


API Services (Enterprise+ Only)

  • API 30 Enhancements
    • – New API to get Products that have been pushed to a specific Sales Channel
    • SO APIs enhanced with support for Line Item Shipping and On Hold fields.
    • Update Receiving API enhanced with support for Product Notes and Bin Locations.