10 Powerful AI Marketing Tools for Your Business

October 7, 2022 - 11 minutes read

Level up your marketing strategy with the power of AI.



Artificial intelligence (AI) was once an abstract concept reserved for futuristic Sci-Fi films and novels. But in our tech-driven digital age, it’s an accessible reality.

If you’re a retail or eCommerce business, there’s never been a better time to level up your marketing strategy with AI tools and platforms. Why? Because these days, they’re affordable and fairly easy to navigate.

A powerful branch of AI, marketing automation helps small businesses boost their overall productivity while driving consistently positive results from their promotional activities. Rather than being a people versus bots situation, the right AI marketing tools help human users enhance their performance.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top AI marketing tools for boosting the key elements of your business’s promotional strategy.

The benefits of using marketing automation for your small business

Marketing automation refers to systems that automate repetitive tasks like helping customers with their queries (tools like chatbots), collecting and arranging customer data, creating and sending push notifications, and scheduling email or social media content.

AI marketing tools make this smart level of automation possible—and the best ones usually integrate with your current tools, platforms, or systems with ease.

In addition to saving time and boosting productivity, the best AI tools help you uncover insights that will allow you to unleash your creativity. Marketing automation tools deliver invaluable insights that will drastically improve your marketing communications.

Here are some marketing automation stats that demonstrate the benefits of AI tools:

  • 78% of top marketers say that marketing automation is responsible for boosting their revenue
  • 80% of businesses that embrace marketing automation see their number of leads rise, and 77% enjoy a boost in their conversion rates
  • Right now, marketers are using automation 76% more than sales and 139% more than finance

“Artificial intelligence is the future, and the future is here.” – Dave Waters


The best AI marketing tools for building links

First of all, we’re going to look at AI marketing tools for link-building. Reaching out to other brands, businesses, and publications to earn mentions and backlinks to your content is a powerful marketing tactic.

Not only does a good link-building campaign boost your brand reputation, but it also helps you rank better for the right search terms. But while link-building is a brilliant marketing tactic for small businesses, it’s very labor-intensive.

So, if you’re juggling a lot of promotional plates and need a little link-building hand, these top AI marketing tools will help you discover the best opportunities for your business.


As one of the best-loved link-building tools around, this super-smart platform will help you take your brand reach and authority to the next level while developing plenty of valuable relationships with relevant brands and industry publications.

Very visual and easy to navigate from the get-go (you don’t have to be a tech whizz to work your way around this tool), LinkAffinity serves up AI-powered suggestions based on accurate semantic estimation.


Postaga is a clever outreach tool that analyzes website domain authority and serves up worthy link-building opportunities. It also puts together key contact lists on your behalf and gives you a choice of channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, etc.) to contact each prospective brand, publication, or person.

It’s a well-developed AI platform with smart yet simple ways to drill down into content and find essential link-building opportunities.

Best AI tools for email marketing automation

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to build customer loyalty, drive engagement, and boost your business growth.

It’s a chance to deliver personalized messaging to different segments of your audience and showcase what your brand is all about. But creating compelling copy, building emails, and managing your subscriber list is no small task. Fortunately, these AI marketing tools are here to help.



Not only does GetResponse help you automate all of your key email marketing automation tasks, but it also serves up data that will help you make your content more personalized to your audience.

The platform allows you to build a variety of different email types (newsletters, deals, transactional content, autoresponders, etc.) with ease and at scale. You can also A/B test emails with GetResponse to find out which messages and designs are most effective.

Marketing Astro 

This slick and approachable email automation tool is perfect for scheduling email content while staying on top of your subscriber list with minimal human intervention.

The platform’s AI-powered content suggestion tools will also help you conjure up creative ideas and content suited to your business’s specific industry and tone of voice.

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The best AI marketing tools for social media advertising & content management

Social listening and social media are essential to the success of any growing retail or eCommerce business. You need to remain active on social media to create solid connections with your customers and keep a strong brand presence.

It’s also important to keep your paid social advertising content consistent and impactful to enjoy a healthy return on investment.

An AI-powered social media management tool automates the whole social media process, freeing up time for other activities while ensuring you keep a presence across channels. It’s possible to use most AI-powered social media management tools on their own or by integrating them with marketing platforms. Let’s take a glance at our two top picks.


If you want to squeeze every last drop of value from your paid social media advertising efforts, Phrasee is a smart tool that can help you get big results.

This intuitive innovation comes with a built-in brand language optimizer to ensure your copy stands out from the crowd and strikes a chord with your target audience. Using Phrasee will give your words weight while helping you establish a consistent brand voice. It also helps you streamline important parts of the social media ad creation process.


Emplifi is a brilliant AI all-rounder when it comes to social media management. But one of its most powerful offerings comes in the form of influencer marketing. Emplifi makes it possible to gather detailed insights based on social media influencers linked to your niche or industry. It also offers functions and suggestions to help you reach out to the right influencers in the right way.

Once you’ve set up a solid influencer marketing campaign with the platform, you can track your performance while gathering essential insights for your future marketing efforts. 

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Four bonus AI marketing tools for small businesses

We’ve explored our six AI marketing big-hitters. While the powerful platforms we’ve discussed will help you enhance key parts of your marketing strategy, these four bonus tools are also worth considering:

  • Drift: A logical and scalable sales engagement tool that will improve collaboration between your sales and marketing teams to drive better results from your customer-facing activities.
  • Wordtune: An AI-powered writing tool that will take your marketing content (sales copy, articles, email messaging, etc.) and offer tailored suggestions to make it sharper, slicker, and more effective.
  • Personalize: A savvy tool that will examine your most important business data and serve up suggestions based on the products or services to specific segments of your audience that are likely to engage with or buy.
  • Evolv: A multichannel A/B testing tool that will empower you to test several different ideas and content variations at once with the help of smart AI bots.

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.”—Yann LeCun

By considering your specific marketing goals and choosing tools that will help you reach them, you will gain the power to take charge of your marketing strategy and earn a consistently solid return on investment (ROI) for your efforts. When you’re choosing your tools, it’s important to remember that they exist to help people perform better in their roles, not replace them altogether—harmony is key.

Best of luck on your journey! For more marketing insights, check out our essential guide to making your brand’s content more accessible.