Customer Success Story

The brand Kreepsville666 originated in Scotland in 2006. In 2011, the company moved to the Los Angeles to further develop and grow the brand and open the company to a larger market. It also enabled them to work more closely to suppliers in the US to produce USA Made Apparel. The company sells their own branded merchandise as well as licensed products from brands like Elvira.

Today, the company has an online store for both retail and wholesale, a psychical flagship store in Los Angeles and sells at various trade shows. They also sell on the Amazon Marketplace.

Before moving to Agiliron, they were using software called Connected Business - the selling point of which was that it was an all in one product, a place for order management, e-commerce, accounts, payroll and inventory management. They encountered a number of bugs and issues with the software so after over a year of perseverance, it was decided they needed a solution that was the best in its field.

Agiliron is now the Center of their Business Operations and integrates with QuickBooks Online, Shipstation and Shopify which they use as a daily part of their business.

They compared many solutions, one being NetSuite which was more aimed at large business with a price tag the proved to be too high. Others were more simplified software such as Fishbowl and Lettuce. Agiliron was one of a few solutions able to handle Multi-Channel requirements and deal with shipping for all sales channels.

As Michelle Ghoulmore, CEO of Kreepsville666 puts it "Agiliron has become a great solution for us allowing us to integrate all our orders from the inventory side to the shipping side, we also have a POS system through Agiliron directly linked to our inventory and order management. As a result of the ease of use for our staff and convenience of managing all orders in one place combined with convenient shipping and accounting integration, Agiliron allows us more time to promote and develop our business."


Business: Branded & Licensed Scare Wear Products

Industry: Retail, B2C/B2C E-Commerce, Wholesale

City: Los Angeles, CA

"Agiliron has become a great solution allowing us to integrate Online Webstores & Amazon orders from the Inventory side to Shipping side. We also have a POS system through Agiliron that is directly linked to our Inventory and Order management."

- Michelle Ghoulmore - CEO, Kreepsville666

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