• InStore Channels

    The AGILIRON Integrated Business ManagementSuite seamlessly integrates the management of multiple sales channels to the Back-Office and Front-Office modules.

    The instore channels could include:

    • Retail POS - one or more stores and checkout lanes
    • Direct Sales - outbound sales to existing customers or new leads
    • Catalog Sales - sales thru inbound customer calls based on print or online product catalogs

    The unified management of one or more of these channels that the business participates in is accomplished through the following high-level steps:

    • Choose which products to sell thru which channel...upload the catalog, inventory, descriptions only once
    • Select the appropriate pricing for the channels and/or customers
    • Transactions from all channels captured in real time - Orders, Customers
    • Use the Back-Office and Front-Office modules for order management, payment, fullfillment, customer support and accounting processes

    Addition of more sales agents or additional checkout lanes in your brick and mortar stores has never been easier!


    Retail POS

    • Hosted by AGILIRON - zero install; no client-server intranet setup costs/maintenance
    • A PC, Internet connection, Web Browser software is all you need to add new checkout lanes
    • Add new checkout lanes or new stores with ease - scales with your business
    • POS User Interface look and feel completely customizable for your business
    • Attending tradeshows - your POS can travel with you and process orders
    • Manage product inventory and product pricing per store thru single AGILIRON Back-Office
    • Real-time capture of all transactions into AGILIRON Front-Office and Back-Office

    Direct Sales

    • A PC, Internet connection, Web Browser software is all you need to add new sales agents
    • All agents have real-time access to immediate product inventory data and product pricing information
    • For customer interactions, complete access to customer history and buying information
    • Create Sales Orders directly into the AGILIRON system that is automatically routed to other stages in the business process
    • Complete set of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to support Direct Sales efforts - Sales Cycle Management, Customer Activities, Campaigns

    Detailed Features

    Retail POS

    • Unlimited number of stores and checkout lanes
    • Adding a new lane is as simple as a PC and an internet connection
    • POS User Interface Customizable to your business
    • Assign Products and Pricing Information for each store
    • Real-time Inventory Data on Products
    • Customizable Quick Access Buttons for Top-Selling Products
    • Easy Product Selection (Barcodes or manual auto-complete) and Customer Information entry
    • Customer Receipt - Print/Email/Disable
    • Multiple Payment Methods Support
    • Sales Tax Setup based on jurisdiction
    • Hardware Support: Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Barcode Scanner, Credit Card Scanner
    • iPad Support -Use the POS on your iPad at tradeshows or in the store
    • Transactions captured real-time into AGILIRON system

    Direct Sales

    • Can support unlimited number of sales agents
    • Adding a new agent is as simple as a PC and an internet connection
    • All account activities, orders, tasks associated with sales agent
    • Reassign accounts, orders or tasks to other agents
    • Manage Leads
    • Track Potentials thru Sales Cycle & Activities
    • Automatic Conversion to Customer Accounts
    • Generate Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices
    • Automatic Conversion of Quotes to Orders to Invoices
    • Customer Sales & Support History Available
    • CSV Import