• Team Collaboration

    The AGILIRON Integrated Business Management Suite seamlessly integrates the management of multiple sales channels with the Back-Office and Front-Office modules.

    The Team Collaboration capabilities enhances the ability for the business and its employees to have access to the same information at the right time to effectively perform their business roles and functions.

    This modules provides:

    • Role Based Security so the users have the appropriate levels of access as deemed by the business management
    • Collaboration functions that facilitate communication and tasks within the organization

    Simplify all your business processes by bringing all your employees within the same system!


    • Business managers can manage user accounts easily from a single interface - add, delete or change
    • Map user profiles to business roles and functions
    • Sophisticated control over access to information in the system - select the granularity you need either at the module level or at the data field level
    • Manage tasks and activities for team members - combine it with Front-Office capabilities to associate with customer information
    • Assign notifications to specific team members based on their organizational roles
    • Your employees can access this system anytime, anywhere

    Detailed Features

    Users and Roles

    • Create User Profiles to map to business functions
    • Assign Profiles to Organizational Roles
    • Map the system Users to Organizational Roles
    • Assign Access Privileges based on User Profiles
    • Security at desired granularity (module or data field access level)
    • Create, Change or Delete User Accounts & Reset Passwords
    • Group Users into Teams to facilitate Team based allocations


    • Team Calendar
    • Activities (Events, Tasks or Work Orders) Management
    • Add Reference Notes or Attachments to any module or entity in the system
    • Customer Support Ticket Management
    • Capture FAQs into the Knowledge Base