Agiliron Version 10.5 Updates

February 11, 2018 - 5 minutes read

Agiliron version 10.5 is now available on all accounts. This release contains a number of new features and updates.

Agiliron version 10.5 contains the following: 


  • Sales Order Related Links Fields Added

    • Adds new fields for “Related Backorders”, “Related POs” and “Related Drop-Ship POs”
    • These fields contain reference to the Backorders, POs & Drop-Ship POs created from the Sales Order providing easy connection and traceability…the links from the POs and BackOrders to the originating Sales Order already exist.
    • The field “Backorders” has been changed to “Backorders Source” – this is the field in the BackOrders that provides the reference to the original Sales Order
  • SO/PO Product Selection Dialog Enhancements
    • For Matrix products, the sku listing order now reflects the attribute value order specific in “Settings > Matrix Item Configuration”
  • PO Product Selection Dialog – Multiple Products/Skus Selection & Qty added
    • The PO Product Selection Dialog has been enhanced to allow for multiple products and associated Qty to be added at once
    • The first column in the dialog now provides a text field for Qty….enter Quantities for multiple products, then click the “Add” button at the top of the dialog…line items for them are added to the PO
    • The dialog will persist for you to continue to add more products till you click the “Close” button
    • This enhancement should facilitate the creation of POs with many line items
    • For Matrix products, the same capability is available in the Sku Selection dialog
  • Product “Print Barcode” enhancements
    • New Fields added for inclusion in label printing
      • Bin Location – prints the Bin Location information
      • Matrix SKU Code – prints the Matrix SKU Code information
      • Product Code as Barcode – prints the Product Code as a Barcode
      • Matrix Sku Code as Barcode – prints the Matrix SKU Code as a Barcode
      • Bin Location as Barcode – prints the Bin Location as a Barcode
  • New Product Timeline
    • Added Timeline to Product detailed view – similar to the one in Account, there will be a timeline button on the right end of the detailed view page which when clicked will open the timeline overlay
    • When the timeline is brought up, the overlap window will Display all events related to product – this includes Inventory changes, Imports, Edits, Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Returns, Shipping, Receiving, etc.
  • PO & Sales Returns Order Discounts
    • Order Discounts enabled now in PO & Returns
    • For Sync to QuickBooks, there is a new mapping for this Order Discount is available under “Settings > QuickBooks” – field is “Purchase Order Discount Item”
  • BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce Product Export
    • Now includes Matrix SKU Images
  • eBay Product Export
    • Links now available in eBay Channel for Product Export (in Agiliron import format) and Product Images (directly transferred to Agiliron servers)
  • All non-POS channels now include “All Other Regions” option under “Sales Tax” mapping tab
    • This allows mapping for international orders and other jurisdictions outside specified mappings
  • Cancel SO Payable
    • Payable created for SOs that are canceled but not refunded during cancellation are now identified as such in the Payable Subject which now starts with “Cancel SO Payable”
  • HTML Editor Upgraded
    • HTML Editor on various pages like Product Description Editor, Template Editor has been upgraded – this adds various features and bug fixes but maintains compatibility with previous versions
  • Global Search
    • Now includes Vendors Module
  • Purchase Order sub-tab columns
    • Products, Vendors, Contacts – Purchase Order sub-tab  columns now display the columns from the Default View in the “Orders > Purchase Orders” 
    • Also, added columns for “Vendor Part Number”, “Qty” & “Vendor Price”  in “Products” module “Purchase Orders” sub-tab


  • B2B Store One Page Product Selection now includes column based Filters


  • Ship Orders now includes option for selecting the Shipping Method for the order – Active methods from “Settings > Shipping Methods” are available for selection
  • Sales Detail Report – added columns for “SubTotal”, “Shipping”, “Sales Taxes” (with respective totals at bottom)
  • Exchange Receipt enhanced to include both Sales & Return numbers and the associated Barcodes