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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payments do accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We can invoice for long-term contracts.

What are Named Users?

Named users are designated users with unique username/password login access. System also allows for assignment of entities to named users (e.g. Customer Account) and Role based security by managing privileges to access the various elements of the system.

What are sales channels?

The Agiliron platform supports multiple channels for selling your products - B2C Webstore, B2B Webstore, eBay, Amazon, Retail POS etc. Each of these constitutes a Sales Channel. If we take the example of the Enterprise Edition, 2 Sales Channels are included in in the Base Subscription - this could any combination of B2C Webstore(s), B2B Webstore(s), eBay, Amazon, Retail POS locations, external Shopping Carts etc.

What happens when my trial runs out?

When the 30-Day trial runs out, the trial instance and associated user data will be permanently deleted.

Can I change editions at any time?

Yes, you can change editions at any time.

Can I add or remove users at any time?

Yes, you can add or remove additional users at any time.

Are there any transactional fees?

No, there are no transactional fees or any other additional fees other than the ones listed above. For Webstore themes, there is a one-time cost ($200-$300) when a new theme is selected.

Do you offer long term contracts?

Agiliron is a monthly pay-as-you-go service with no long-term contracts. However, we do offer long term contracts on request (along with discounts for pre-payment), please Contact Us for details.

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