Agiliron Version 10.6 Updates

April 4, 2018 - 5 minutes read

Agiliron version 10.6 is now available on all accounts. This release contains a number of new features and updates.

Agiliron version 10.6 contains the following: 


  • ApproveQuote
    • New module for automated Quote Approvals
    • Similar to PayInvoice module for Invoice Payments – include a link in “Quote – Customizable” template to allow customers to review Quote and Approve it Online
    • Upon approval, email notification is sent to customer and business
    • And Quote is converted to a Sales Order automatically in the system
    • Quote Approval page also lists other Quotes pending approval for Review and Approval in the left panel
  • Print Barcode on Receive
    • On Receiving, optional Printing of Barcode labels for products being received
    • Please email if you would like to enable this feature (it is off by default)
  • Duplicate Reports
    • Once you run a report, “Duplicate” button now available to clone a report into a new one in “Reports” module
  • ebay Listing Sku change
    • For new eBay Listings from Agiliron, the Sku now sent to eBay is the Product Code in Agiliron
  • Amazon Gift Wrap & message
    • Now captured as a line item in Amazon Orders and message can be found in the line item notes
  • QBO Invoices now includes with partial payments
    • Now partial payments on Sales Orders before sync to QBO creates Invoice and applies Payments against that Invoice
  • QBD classes for Journal Entries
    • Classes support added for Journal entries in sales transactions posted to QBD
  • Shipping – new menu for Create PO & Drop-Ship PO
    • Shipping module list view and detailed view now supports “Create PO” and “Create Drop-Ship PO” commands (which was previously available in the Sales Orders module only)
    • Click the 3 dot-menu next to Packing Slip PDF button in the Shipping list view
  • SO Custom fields now available in Shipping module
  • Line Item Notes editing enabled in Shipping Edit view
  • Shipping “Deliver From” editing
    • “Deliver From” field is now editable in Shipping module
  • PO Custom fields now available in Receiving module
  • Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Returns sub-tab in Product Detailed View
    • added columns for “Qty” and “Price” and “Line Item Discount”
  • Purchase Orders sub-tab in Product Detailed View
    • added column for “Qty Received”
  • Improvements in SPSCommerce order import for improved handling of matching product part #s
Warehouse iOS App
  • Settings Printer Configuration
    • Settings page now includes Configuration for AirPrint & Star Printers
    • The selected printer is then used for Printing Packing Slips
  • Pick Flow Enhancements
    • “Print Slip” – Pick Order page now has a button to Print packing slip – the Packing Slip template is picked up from “Settings > Templates” in the BackOffice
    • “To ShipStation” – Pick Order page now has a button to send the Order to ShipStation for label creation
  • This upgrade to Warehouse App is pending Apple approval
  • “Replace Terminal” feature added under “Tools” menu of the POS
    • Workflow to replace existing EMV Credit Card Terminals with a new replacement terminal
  • Invoice Email as attachment
    • Charge to Account Transaction Invoices emailed to customer from POS now sends the Invoice as an attachment in addition to the body of the email
  • Layaways + Print + Email sales receipt separation for templates
    • Now Customizable POS Receipt templates can be created separately for Sales Receipt Print vs Email and a separate one for Layaways – find the options under “Settings > Channels”
  • Print Order capability now available under the customer “My Orders” (or equivalent) page in the webstore – this uses the “Sales Receipt – Customizable” template under “Settings > Templates” in BackOffice
  • B2B Webstore Single Page Checkout Enhancements
    • Category search capability added to single page checkout
    • Special Offers page now presented in same spreadsheet format
    • Product Name and Product Code in the spreadsheet are now links that takes user the to product details page