Agiliron Version 10.7 Updates

May 15, 2018 - 5 minutes read

Agiliron version 10.7 is now available on all accounts. This release contains a number of new features and updates.

Agiliron version 10.7 contains the following: 

  • All Module List Views – new 3 vertical dot “More Options” menu introduced
    • As we have added more functions to various modules, the number of buttons have increased so we have adopted this new “More Options” 3-vertical-dot menu to accommodate for added functions. Now all functions at the list view level will be available under this menu with the exception of some special functions (like Product push to Channel and Shipping Processor selection) which will continue the way they were because of the multiple selections involved in those functions.
  • Sales Order, Quote, Sales Return Product Selection Dialog – Multiple Products/Skus Selection & Qty added
    • Similar to what was introduced for the POS in the 10.5 Release, that capability has now been carried over to Sales Orders, Quotes & Sales Returns modules
    • The Product Selection Dialog has been enhanced to allow for multiple products and associated Qty to be added at once
    • The first column in the dialog now provides a text field for Qty. You can enter Quantities for multiple products, then click the “Add” button at the top of the dialog – line items for them are added
    • The dialog will persist for you to continue to add more products until you click the “Close” button
    • This enhancement should facilitate the faster creation of orders with many line items
    • For Matrix products, the same capability is available in the SKU Selection dialog
    • The previous behavior of just selecting one product/sku by clicking on it continues to be supported
  • Serialized Product selection in Sales Orders & Quotes
    • Now supports optional entry of quantities > 1 (contact to turn this on, it is off by default)
    • If quantities > 1 are entered for serialized products, they are expanded to the quantity number of line items on Saving the Sales Order or Quote
  • eBay Order Cancellation
    • When an order is canceled in eBay it will be marked as cancelled in Agiliron automatically
  • Attachment Description Editing added
    • Sales Order detailed view  (or any other module) > Attachments sub-tab > edit
    • You will now be able to change the Description (not the file) and save
  • Approve Quote Enhancements
    • Once customer submits, “Quote Stage” field is set to “Accepted”
    • Approver Information is now captured in the Quote and the converted Sales Order
  • Product Code character support additions
    • Product Codes now support the following new characters –  /  #   *
  • Accounting > QuickBooks Export
    • “Advanced View” has been made the default now
    • “Legacy View” is still available, please click the “Legacy View” tab to use it
  • Avalara Integration Enhancements
    • Now supports Customer Matching of “Accounts” in Agiliron with Customer Name/ Code in Avalara
    • If found, then Avalara uses the specific customer information in Avalara configuration to determine rates for that customer – this is useful in cases where customer operates in multiple states and may have tax exemptions in some as an example use case
    • If no match, the integration will continue to operate as in previous releases
Warehouse iOS App
  • Filtering for Shipping & Receiving Orders Added
    • Shipping & Receiving modules in BackOffice now have Custom Views “WH App Shipping” and “WH App Receiving” respectively. This allows the business to define filters for orders that will go over to the Warehouse App. By default (no filters) all pending Shipping and Receiving orders will go over to the WH App as in previous releases. The selected printer is then used for Printing Packing Slips
  • Bin Location support Added to Cycle Count flow
    • Previously supported in POS Receiving, Bin Locations can now be added to Products during Cycle Count flow (in “Enter Units” mode only)
  • This upgrade to Warehouse App is pending Apple approval
  • Two new 5* themes added to the collection of themes – these themes now support the interactive theme editor as with all 5* themes