Announcing Agiliron Version 11

November 5, 2018 - 5 minutes read



New Barcode Label Designer and Editor (Enterprise+ Edition Only)

  • Create Customized Barcode Labels with interactive visual designer and editor
  • Details and Screenshots are here.

New Purchase Order Return module

  • To manage Returns to Vendors on PO Purchases
  • Details on this new module is here.

Amazon Integration Enhancements

  • New Seller Listings directly from Agiliron – push product to Amazon to create listing and capture ASIN – details on these enhancements can be found here.
  • FBA (Enterprise+ Only) Inbound Shipments created on Amazon Seller Central now auto creates Inventory Transfer orders in Agiliron. On Shipping this Transfer order in Agiliron, the tracking information is sent to FBA and Inbound Shipment updated to Shipped Status. On Receiving at FBA, the Qty will update automatically as it would with Inbound Shipments that were created from Agiliron.
  • Support for multiple FBA accounts in “Settings > Shipping Processors” – could be used with multiple seller account in same region or seller accounts across regions – FNSKU field in Product form now support multiple FNSKUs in the format “StockLocCode1:FNSKU1|StockLocCode2:FNSKU2″

Transaction (SO/PO/Quote/SR) Create/Edit Forms Enhancements

  • (+) button available now to create Contact/Account/Vendor/Product on the fly without leaving the transaction form
  • Barcode Scan Entry available for Product Line Items now – scans automatically adds product with barcode match and adds line item for next scan

QBO Integration Enhancements

  • 2 New Controls in “Settings > QuickBooks”
  • “Enable Auto Sync (QBO Only):” – automatically syncs sales to QBO at 2 hour intervals – interval customization will be available in future release
  • “Enable Summary Sync (QBO Only)” – sync combined summary journal entries to QBO instead of individual transactions. Once this is enabled, a new Button “Sync Summary to QuickBooks” becomes available in “Accounting > QuickBooks Export”.
  • Credit Card “Authorization Number” and “Check Number” on Sales Order Payments are now passed on to QuickBooks Sales Receipts and Invoice Payments

eBay Integration Enhancements

  • Auto Relisting of Expired listings is now available as an optional feature
  • Addition of watermarks to your Product Images posted with eBay listings is now supported as an optional feature
  • Please email if you would like either of these features enabled for your eBay Channel.

ShipStation Integration Enhancements

  • Sales Orders sent to ShipStation now includes Weight information by line item – based on the Weight-Major and Weight-Minor field values in each Product.

Product Inventory & Pricing Only Export Changes

  • Now includes “Product Name” as a column for as the last column – this is provided only as a reference for correlating to the Product Code.
  • Inventory & Pricing Imports do NOT require “Product Name” column (i.e. no change, remains the same as in previous release).

New API Explorer for Developers

  • Single site for all things API Related
  • API Documentation with examples
  • API Reference Explorer for Interactive exploration of APIs
  • Please visit –

New Zapier ( Integration

  • Connects various SaaS apps – see for list of apps
  • Connects via Triggers and Actions
  • Initial rollout will be focused on Email Marketing apps (e.g. MailChimp) allowing for transfer of Contacts information both ways.
  • Will expand supported connection points subsequently to other application areas
  • NOTE: Will be available on pending Zapier approval. If you would like to be notified on approval please email us at



Customer Credit Limit, Balance, Credits in POS

  • $ Button next to Customer field in POS now provides visibility on Credit Limit, Credit Expiration Date, Available Credit, Account Balance & Account Credits for future purchases – for selected customer

Quick Access Buttons Improvements

  • Mouse Over Content now includes Qty in Stock information

Email Receipts – multiple recipients

  • Email Receipt recipient dialog now accepts multiple email addresses separated by Semicolon (;)  if it needs to be sent to more than one recipient (no change if just sending to one recipient)

Discount optionally defaulting to %

  • New field “Enable Discounts as Percent” in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration tab” – default “No”
  • If set to “Yes”, in the POS, both Line Item Discount and Order Discount automatically default to % discount

Enhancements to POS Reports

  • Improvements for handling of layaway payments
  • Enhancements of the Z-Out Drawer Count reports for cash payouts

B2C/B2B Webstores


  • New Template – 550200130