Agiliron Version 12

April 2, 2019 - 13 minutes read

Agiliron Version 12 Release Highlights

Agiliron Version 12 Release Full Details

CRM & BackOffice

Integrations[ps2id id=’qb’ target=”/]

  • QB Integration Enhancements
    • PO Return Sync to QBO now available – creates Vendor Credit in QBO
    • PO Partial Received Sync to QBO – now available as an option
      • Settings > QuickBooks > “Enable PO Partial Sync (QBO Only):” – new field
    • Sales Order Incremental Payments Now Sync to QBO Invoice Payments
    • QB Desktop Summary Sync capability added to Agiliron Sync App
    • QB Desktop Canada Support now available
  • ShipStation Integration Enhancements
    • Marking an Order as Shipped in ShipStation without creating a Label now transmits to Agiliron
    • Push to ShipStation page improvements w/ Order link & mouse over popup of Product information
    • Serial/Lot # Orders – optional new workflow implemented
      • Previous to V12, for orders with Serial or Lot Products Agiliron does not allow to send to ShipStation till the Serial or Lot numbers are assigned
      • Added a new optional choice in V12 – that Allows orders to be sent to ShipStation w/o Serial or Lot #s assigned. When the tracking info comes back system updates the info from ShipStation but does NOT mark the order as Shipped.
      • User can then go enter the Serial/Lot # info and mark as Shipped in Agiliron which then updates inventory and sends info to the originating channels
      • For this new flow to be enabled, please email

Transaction Modules

  • Sales Order Enhancements
    • SO “Save” Auto set “Paid” Status – if “Amount Due” is <= 0 then automatically sets “Paid” status of the SO. Exceptions – Invoice Payment Type methods (e.g. Charge to Account) & CC payments with no Authorization
    • (+) Button for New Account & Contact – New fields in the respective forms
      • Mandatory fields in these dialogs conform w/ mandatory fields in Accounts/Contacts
    • Shipping Charges to Customer now editable in Shipping module
  • Purchase Order Enhancements
    • PO Qty Changes Post-Receiving Disabled
    • PO Custom Fields now editable in Receiving[ps2id id=’pdf’ target=”/]
  • Purchase Return module
    • PDFs now available to export – Standard & Customizable versions depending on Edition
  • Order Notification Content Customization Enhancements (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Settings > Notification Schedulers email content editor field replacement markers now available in line with PDF templates Sales Order Fields from Settings > Templates (including custom fields)
  • Sales Receipt, Invoice & Other PDFs Enhancements (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Optional feature to separate email content from PDF content – e.g. Invoice not in body of email
    • Email to opt for the modified behavior above.
    • Custom field support added in “Pending Invoices – Customizable” for Customer Statements[ps2id id=’inv’ target=”/]

Products & Inventory

  • Product Reorder Wizard – “Create PO” Workflow now enabled (in addition to existing Stock Transfer Workflow)
    • User is presented with list of products that meets Reorder criteria and facilitates Creation of the POs for the respective Vendors
  • Product Inventory & Pricing Only Import Changes
    • Now includes optional “Sync to Channels” as a column – this column accepts “Yes/No” in each row – setting it to “Yes” will sync the changes in that row to the Sales Channels in which the Product has been deployed and Auto Inventory Sync flag is on.
  • Product Images Import via URL
    • Product “All Fields” import CSV file “Product Images” column now accepts
      • image file name as it did before OR
      • an image URL (new) OR
      • combination if specifying multiple images (separated by comma)
    • If it is an image URL, it downloads the image and associates the filename in the URL (last element in URL path) with the respective product
  • Average Costing Enhancements (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Landed Cost Support Added – Shipping costs allocated among the items on the PO – proportionally based on line item total $
      • Other distribution methods will follow in future updates
      • Please contact to turn this on (only if on Average Costing)
    • Changes made on the PO “Line item Pricing” or the “Shipping” after Receiving will now be reflected in Average Cost of product
  • Barcode Label Designer and Editor Enhancements (Enterprise+ Edition Only)
    • Added support for Product Custom Field markers in the Custom Barcode Label Template


  • Global Search
    • New panel in Global Search “Products List (Keyword Match)” below the “Products List” panel – this provides keyword based search results[ps2id id=’wh’ target=”/]

Warehouse Management App (Enterprise+ Only)

  • New Notification Email feature with Cycle Count workflow
    • WH App Cycle Count flow can now generate a CSV of all the cycle count inventory changes and send email with CSV file that can be reviewed and imported.
    • Bottom of WH App Home Page
      • Breaks up “Sync Order & Inventory Updates to Back Office” to 2 buttons
        • “Sync Order Updates to BackOffice”
        • “Sync Inventory Updates to BackOffice”
        • With these buttons syncing the respective elements to BackOffice.
      • Adds New button “Email Inventory Updates CSV”
    • In “Settings”, new field added for “Inventory Updates CSV Email Address” which accepts one or more email addresses for recipients
  • Product Image thumbnails support add to Receiving and Cycle Count flows
    • Similar to what was available in Pick flow in previous release
    • Added a column for this – displays this column only if “Settings” page field called “Display Product Image Thumbnails” is turned on
  • Hide Cycle Count Actual # Column Option
    • New field in “Settings” – “Display Current Qty in Cycle Count”

POS[ps2id id=’pos’ target=”/]

  • New “Receive Payments” workflow for Pending invoices
    • Added new field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration > Allow Receive Payments” to enable this workflow
    • In the POS, select “Customer” and then click the “Receive Payments” button on the left panel
    • Enhancements to Z-Out & X-Out reports to call out these Payments – Layaway Payments are now separately called out
  • New Apps for Android & iOS
    • iOS – Added Support for Zebra Printers – Discovery & Setup of Printer in POS “Settings” menu
    • Android
      • Added Support for Zebra, Star & Default System Printer – Discovery & Setup of Printer in POS “Settings” menu
      • Payment Device Support added to bring it in line with the same support as iOS app
  • Penny Rounding for Canada
    • Reference –
    • Added new field in Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration tab called “Allow Cash Penny Rounding”
  • On Hold for Exchanges & Quotes
    • Extended “On Hold” support for Exchanges & Quotes in addition to the existing one for Sales.
  • Customer Sales History Report
    • New button next to “Customer” Text Field – brings up Sales History report for that customer
  • Customer Electronic Signature Enhancements
    • New Field for Signature Name in the Electronic Signature popup dialog
      • Can be made mandatory – new field “Settings > Channels > edit POS > Configuration > Customer Receipt Options” called “Customer Electronic Signature Name Required”
  • Limited Time Order Editing
    • New field “Allow Limited Time Order Editing” field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration”
    • Enables limited time (20 min) POS order editing from the Sales Detail Report in POS[ps2id id=’amz’ target=”/]

Amazon FBA (Enterprise+ Only)

  • Inventory Management Related Enhancements
    • New link at bottom of Products tab – “Bulk Update Inventory from FBA” (to Agiliron)
    • Auto-Extracts FBA Qty Adjustments and Creates Inventory adjustments in Agiliron based on the Adjustment Reasons in FBA[ps2id id=’b2bb2c’ target=”/]

B2C/B2B Webstores (B2B Enterprise+ Only)

  • All Pages SSL Support Added for 5* theme Stores – Domain-Specific SSL Certificate Auto Generated
    • For this to be enabled – CNAME for store sub-domain at domain registrar should now point to
    • Please email for enabling this
    • Users with 4* or 3* store themes will have to migrate to 5* themes to use this feature
  • Auto-Sitemap generation
    • For Live stores with domains mapped at domain registrar
    • Sitemaps are automatically generated by the system every night
  • B2B WebStore – New CRM based User Password Management
    • In the “Contacts” Detailed View – New button “B2B Store Change Password”[ps2id id=’google’ target=”/]

Google Shopping – Enterprise+ Only

  • New Marketplace from Google
    • New Marketplace Service from Google – actions
    • Universal shopping cart and instant checkout across various Google sites
    • Separate from existing Google Shopping Feeds service (which is a referral to website)
    • Google pilots with large retailers have shown 10-30% increase in incremental sales
    • Google Fees (pay per sale) –
  • New Sales Channel in Agiliron
    • Will support the same workflows as other channels (Product Push, Customer & Transaction Capture, Transmit Shipping Info, Auto Inventory/Pricing Sync)
    • Please email if interested in adding this Sales Channel