Agiliron Version 12.2 Release Highlights

July 10, 2019 - 9 minutes read

Agiliron Version 12.2 Release Highlights

Agiliron Version 12.2 Release Full Details

CRM & BackOffice[ps2id id=’zapier’ target=”/]


  • Zapier Integration (Enterprise+ Only)
    • New Zapier ( Integration is now live –
    • Connects to various SaaS apps – see for list of apps via Triggers and Actions
    • This initial rollout is focused on Email Marketing apps (e.g. MailChimp) allowing for transfer of “Contacts” module records information both ways.
    • We will expand supported connection points subsequently to other application areas
    • Please contact with any questions regarding this integration[ps2id id=’dupes’ target=”/]

CRM Modules[ps2id id=’attachments’ target=”/]

  • Leads, Accounts, Contacts – “Merge Duplicates”
    • Capability added to Combine multiple duplicate Leads (and similarly in Accounts & Contacts)
    • New “Merge Duplicates” item added in the 3-dot menu in the Leads/Accounts/Contacts List View
  • New “Attachments” Module
    • Attachments has been supported across all modules for a long time in Agiliron and these can be viewed in the respective modules where it is attached.
    • In this release, we are introducing a New Attachments List view which presents Attachments across all modules together in one list view and also allows for editing/deleting of attachments.
    • This module is “Off” by default – it can be added under “My Accounts > My Profile > Customizable Tabs”.

Transaction Modules

  • Global Search – new panels for Sales Returns and Purchase Returns
    • New Panel added for Sales Returns match results below the Sales Order panel
    • New Panel added for Purchase Returns match results below the Purchase Order panel
  • Stock Transfer Orders – Editing Support added (Enterprise+ Only)
    • New “Edit Line Items” button available in Shipping Detailed View (under “Shipping & Receiving > Shipping” list view, click “Order No” or “Subject” link) for Stock Transfer orders only
    • Clicking this button will bring up the same screen as for Bulk Transfer creation page – the contents of the Stock Transfer you are editing are displayed. Any changes to the line items or the stock locations can be made and this updates the Stock Transfer order accordingly.
  • Setting “Invoice Date” field for Paid Sales Orders
    • Before this release, when you generate Invoice on an SO by clicking “Create Invoice” in the Detailed View OR “Invoice PDFs” in the List View – the “Invoice Date” field is NOT set if the “Status” of the SO at that time includes “Invoiced”.
    • With this release, Agiliron sets the “Invoice Date” in the above scenario to
    • “Current Date” if the order is Invoiced, NOT Paid and has NO payment dates
    • “First Payment Date” if the order is Invoiced, NOT Paid and has one/more payment dates
    • “First Payment Date” if the order is Invoiced & Paid
  • Average Costing Enhancements (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Landed Cost Support Additional options added
      • Shipping costs can now be allocated among the items on the PO
        • 1 – proportionally based on line item total $
        • 2 – proportionally based on Quantity (number of units purchased)
        • 3 – proportionally based on item weight
        • 4 – proportionally based on item volume
      • Please contact to enabled any of these options (only if you are using Average Costing)
  • Issue Credit, Apply Credit Enhancements
    • With this release, the system does not require “Paid” status to be set in SO & SR for the Apply & Issue Credit to be resolved for the Customer Account.
    • However, once the credit is Issued or Applied, this is immediately applied to the Customer Account and that Payment line item cannot be edited subsequently.
  • Customer Statement – Date Filtering added
    • “Accounting > Receivables > Accounts with Balance custom view > Export Statement” now brings up a dialog with From and To dates for Date filtering of the creation of the transactions.[ps2id id=’POS’ target=”/]
    • The specification of the From and To dates is handled as follows:
      • No Dates provided means All Orders (no filter applied)
      • Both Dates provided means Orders for the Date range specified
      • From Date only provided means Orders From that Date to Today
      • To Date only provided means Orders from All Dates prior to selected To Date


  • Customer Text Field in POS – Address Match now available
    • New field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration tab” called “Allow Customer Address Search” to enable this
    • Account “Billing/Shipping Address” & Contact “Mailing/Other Address” based search of Customers in Customer Text Field in POS – if there are multiple matches, displays all of them in the drop-down
  • Product Search Enhancements – Keyword Search & Quantity display
    • POS now allows searching of products based on multiple keywords in the Product Text field
    • New field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration tab” called “Allow Product Multiple keyword Search” to turn this “On”
    • POS Product text field autocomplete search results can now show Available Quantity in Stock
    • New field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration tab” called “Display Available Quantity in Product Search” to turn this “On”
  • Android POS App – Printer Management Enhancements[ps2id id=’webstore’ target=”/]
    • Android POS App Tools Menu on the top right now displays whether a Printer is Connected by a Green check mark and also Displays the Name of the Connected Printer.
    • Available now in the Google Play Store.

B2B Webstores

  • New Design Template – “547100250” added.


  • Amazon Category Specific Field Advice
    • Optimized the Amazon Category selector for quicker presentation of the lists for selection
    • On user selection of an Amazon Category, the system pops up information of the Required fields for that Category[ps2id id=’stock’ target=”/]

Warehouse Management App (Enterprise+ Only)

  • New Stock Transfer Workflow Added
    • Similar to the Bulk Transfer Workflow in the BackOffice
    • Allows Creation of Stock Transfer from current Stock Location to alternate Stock Locations
    • This creates the Stock Transfer order in Shipping module.
  • Optimizations for Product Images Handling
    • Reduced usage of memory for product image handling for better app performance.
  • The release of this version of the App is pending with Apple for approval – will be available on your device once it is approved.[ps2id id=’api’ target=”/]


  • API Explorer for Developers (Enterprise+ Only)
    • New APIs available now for “Inventory Transfer”
    • Please see for details