Agiliron Version 13.0 Release Preview

January 9, 2020 - 1 minute read
  • New “Market Intelligence” Module to evaluate product placement, pricing and selling strategies across global marketplaces…demo video included below.

    • New “Supplier Connector Plug-in Framework” to connect with Suppliers for communication of POs and Shipments
    • New “3PL Connector Plug-in Framework” to connect with 3PLs for communication of SOs and Shipments
    • New Integration with “UPS Fulfillment” for 3PL services
    • New “Line Item Based Shipping” in Sales Order & Shipping modules enabling fulfillment of individual line items of customer orders from different warehouses, through different Carriers or Drop-ship from suppliers.
    • New “Exchange” workflow in CRM for management of sales exchanges on customer orders.
    • Customer Credit Card Management productivity improvements in the CRM
    • POS goes fully Offline for extended Offline usage using cached logins
    • Many major enhancements to the QBO integration for improved data flows
    • New WebStore Design Templates
    • New API 22 with various new APIs for developers and improved performance
    • and much more!