Agiliron Version 13 Product Release

February 24, 2020 - 11 minutes read

Version 13.0 Release Highlights

Version 13.0 Release Details


 Integrations [ps2id id=’supplier-connector’ target=”/]

  • New “Supplier Connector Plug-in Framework” (Enterprise+ Only)
    • To connect with Suppliers for communication of POs and Shipments
    • Please see “Settings > Supplier Connections” for plug-in framework to add Supplier connections [ps2id id=’3pl’ target=”/]
  • New “3PL Connector Plug-in Framework” (Enterprise+ Only) [ps2id id=’ups-fulfillment’ target=”/]
    • To connect with 3PLs for communication of SOs and Shipments
    • Please see “Settings > 3PL Connections” for plug-in framework to add 3PL connections
  • New Integration with “UPS Fulfillment” for 3PL services
    • The process works similar to the integration with ShipStation
    • Go to “Shipping & Receiving > Shipping” [ps2id id=’qbo’ target=”/]
    • There select one or more customer orders (left checkbox)
    • In the drop-down above the order list, select “UPS Fulfillment”
    • Click “Process” button
    • Click “Send to UPS Fulfillment” button
  • QuickBooks Integration Enhancements
    • Improved Data Flows for QBO Integration
      • Purchase Orders now create Purchase Orders as a template in QBO and the Bills are posted against it as Products are Received for that PO. If there is a pre-payment on the PO when posted to QBO, this creates an Expense against the PO which can then be applied to a Bill on that PO when product is received.
      • Exchanges in POS now post the Sales Order and associated Return to QBO as a Credit Memo linked to the Sale when the Sales Order is synched to QBO.
    • User Interface Improvements
      • “Mark As Synched” under “Accounting > QuickBooks Export” moved to right of screen to avoid accidental use.
      • “Mark As Synched” under “Accounting > QuickBooks Export” now also works for Orders with Additional Payments pending in the sync queue

CRM Modules

  • HelpDesk Module Enhancements
    • Now includes support for association between Sales Orders and HelpDesk tickets
    • Added HelpDesk sub-tab in Sales Order Detailed View UI for listing, display and editing of tickets associated with Sales Order [ps2id id=’exchange’ target=”/]

Transaction Modules [ps2id id=’credit’ target=”/]

  • New “Exchange” Workflow 
    • For management of Exchanges on Customer Orders (similar to the Exchange flow that has been supported previously in the POS) in the CRM.
    • Click the “New Sales Exchange” item from the “New” menu to initiate this workflow.
  • Customer Credit Card Management Productivity Improvements
    • Selection of stored Customer Credit Cards in the Sales Order/Sales Returns
      • The “Payment Method” drop-down in Sales Order / Sales Return now displays the various cards stored in the Customer Account for selection at the bottom of the drop-down (below the ——- separator line of Standard list of Payment Methods). The user can select from that list.
      • When an Account is selected in the Sales Order / Sales Return, the Default payment method continues to be selected in the customer Account as it has been previously supported.
      • Now, the user can then choose to switch to a different from the “Payment Method” drop-down if needed.
    • “Add / Update Card to Account” button in Sales Order / Sales Return
      • Next to the “Process” button in the Sales Order / Sales Return for CC payment methods, New button “Add / Update Card to Account” added that allows user to Save the card info entered / updated in the Sales Order / Sales Return to the Customer Account for future use.
  • SO/Quotes/PO/SR Line Item Info
    • Info button added to Product line Items in SO/Quotes/PO/SR
    • After Product Selection, click the (i) button to get historical information, stock information & pricing information in an easy to consume format

Products & Inventory

  • Reorder Wizard Improvements
    • On Final Step “Save As” CSV file generated
      • Added the “Qty in Stock”, “Reorder Level”, “Preferred Stock Level” columns with the respective values in each selected row exported
      • These are added to the right of the columns previously being exported
    • Select Products Step
      • Added checkbox in header that allows selection and deselection of all rows
  • PO Receiving – Bin Location Field added
    • Under “Shipping&Receiving > Receiving > edit order”, the “Product Item Details” panel now includes field for entry of Bin Location information during Receiving.


  • New Wizards now available under the “New” menu
    • “New Account Wizard” to create Customer Account and associated Contacts in a step by step guided wizard
    • “New Vendor Wizard” to create Vendor and associated Contacts in a step by step guided wizard
  • List Views for all Modules
    • Inline Editing now available for PickList fields (drop-down values).
    • “Custom Views > Edit” now includes a “Duplicate” button to clone Custom Views and create new ones.
  • “Bulk Edit” capability added to Potentials module

Services [ps2id id=’New “Market Intelligence” Module’ target=”/]

  • New “Market Intelligence” Module
    • To evaluate product placement, pricing and selling strategies across global marketplaces
    • To enable this module, go to “My Account” (top left of the application) > My Profile > Customize Tabs
    • Demo video included below.

POS[ps2id id=’pos’ target=”/]

  • Goes fully Offline for extended Offline usage using cached logins
    • This new feature allows for user to login without an internet connection to the POS based on previous login information cached locally on the device.
    • This is enabled only for a limited number of days by which time user will require connection to the server to refresh the local login cache.
    • Please contact to enable this for your instance if there is a business need for this.
  • POS Internationalization for English, French, Spanish
    • The POS now supports user interface in 3 languages – English, French & Spanish
    • User can select the language from the flag drop-down field on top right of the POS
  • Require Customer Selection for All Orders” – new configurable field
    • New field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration” tab
    • Options – “Yes/No”
    • Default – “No”
    • If set to “Yes”, require Customer Selection for all Sales/Returns/Exchanges
  • “Allow Edit Separate Line Item Quantity” – new configuration field
    • New field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration” tab
    • Allows user to allow editing of Qty field in the POS when “Product Separate Line Item Qty” for same product selection is enabled.
    • Options “Yes/No”
    • Default “No”
  • “Order Editing Limited Time Minutes” – new configuration field
    • New field in “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel > Configuration” tab
    • Allows the user to select the time window for editing of POS orders
    • Options “10,20,30,40,50.60” minutes
    • Default “20” minutes

Amazon & FBA (FBA Enterprise+ Only)

  • Amazon Settlement ID
    • Now available as a field “Amazon Settlement ID“ in the Sales Order detailed view “Sales Order Information” panel
    • This should facilitate reconciliation of periodic Amazon payments against the customer orders.


  • eBay Export Enhancement
    • New “Export All Products in Agiliron Import Format & Copy Images by Listing Date” link under “Settings > Channels > edit eBay channel”
    • This operation allows export of eBay listing information by user selected Listing Date in the Agiliron import format CSV file format.

Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce Integrations

  • Magento 2 Support
    • Support for Magento 2 is fully available now with all data flows as other integration adapters [ps2id id=’api22′ target=”/]
    • When creating a new Magento Sales Channel, it still defaults to Magento 1.x adapter. Please contact to switch to Magento 2 if you are running the site on Magento 2.

API Services (Enterprise+ Only) 

  • New API 22 (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Various new APIs for developers and improved performance
      • Lead
      • Event
      • Task
      • Sales Return
      • Inventory Transfer
      • Bulk Accounts
      • Bulk Account Credits
    • Please see for details