Agiliron Version 13.1 Product Release

April 13, 2020 - 3 minutes read

Version 13.1 Release Details



  • Integration with “UPS Fulfillment” for 3PL services
    • Settings > Shipping Processors > UPS Fulfillment – Added “Test Connection” button

CRM Modules

  • “Channels” tab
    • “Product Code” column added with link to Product detailed view page
    • “Product Name” column contents made a link to Product detailed view page

Transaction Modules

  • Accounting > Receivables > Accounts w/ Balance View > Export Statement Filtering
    • Export Statement dialog now includes filtering for Sales Order & Sales Return “Status” to include in the Statement
    • If nothing is selected, then it includes all Unpaid transactions as it has done previously
  • SO/Quotes/PO/SR/Shipping/Receiving > “Select Template PDFs” added to List View
    • “Select Template PDFs” is now available in all the above modules in the List View under the “3-dot menu”
    • Select the orders (left checkbox) and select this item from the menu to select a template and generate PDFs
  • Barcode Scanning support in SO extended to Quote/SR/PO/POReturn
    • Line items can now be added to Quotes, Sales Returns, Purchase Orders, and Purchase Returns using barcode scanning as has been previously supported in Sales Orders.
  • SO/Quote/SR – Account Name – Added [ i ] button
    • New “Info” [ i ] button added to right of “Account Name” field in SO/Quote/SR edit page
    • Clicking this button brings up dialog with History information
      • Recent Sales Orders for that Account
      • Recent Sales Returns for that Account
      • Recent Quotes for that Account
  • SO Detailed View includes Shipping Tracking info
    • Sales Order Detailed View now includes Shipping Information that was previously displayed only in the Shipping module (Tracking Number, Shipping Date, Actual Shipping Cost)

Products & Inventory

  • Product Timeline Improvements
    • Added Filter Checkboxes at the top of the Product TimeLine overlay window to allow user to filter for specific Product Related Events

Business Intelligence (Enterprise+ Only)

  • HelpDesk View
    • Adds “Comments” for inclusion in Reports
  • New Standard Report
    • Sales By Product – Top and Bottom Performers
    • Displays the Top X and Bottom X Product Performers for user selected time window
  • Inventory Movement Standard Report improved
    • Added “Stock Location” column that shows the Stock Location of the SO/PO/SR (Deliver From or Deliver To)
    • Added “Subject” column
    • Added “Shipped/Received Date” column

B2C/B2B Webstores (B2B Enterprise+ Only)

  • New Design Template – “547100221” added
  • Checkout Real-time Shipping Cost Estimation – new Carrier Support added for
    • Canada Post
    • Purolator Canada


  • BigCommerce Integration Adapter
    • Added Support for BigCommerce v3 API

API Services (Enterprise+ Only)

  • API 22 Enhancements (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Various APIs improvements with new fields
    • Enhanced API documentation
    • Please see for details