Agiliron Version 13.3 Product Release

July 6, 2020 - 8 minutes read

Version 13.3 Release Details



  • Zapier Integration Enhancements (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Zapier – Connects to 2000+ SaaS apps
    • New Connection Points now available for Agiliron Leads, Contacts, Activities and Tasks
    • Pre-Built Connection Templates now includes the following apps
      • MailChimp for Email Marketing
      • Google Calendar for Calendars
      • CognitoForms for Web Form Submissions
    • We will continue to expand supported connection points subsequently to other application areas
  • QuickBooks Integration Enhancements
    • User Interface Improvements
      • “Set QB Customer Name to Agiliron Account or Contact” field in “Sales Order” panel in “Settings > QuickBooks”
      • This allows user to select whether to use the “Account” or “Contact Name” as the “Customer Name” in QuickBooksQBO Agiliron Integration
  • New QBO Data Export for Import to Agiliron
    • “Settings > QuickBooks > Setup tab > Export in Agiliron Import Format”
    • Products, Accounts, Contacts, Vendors data exported from QBO in Agiliron Import format.QBO Agiliron Integration


CRM Modules

  • Customer Label Printing Enhancements – Contacts fields & Custom Field support
    • Added support for Contact Fields to the Label Template Editor
    • Added Custom Field selector for Account and Contact Custom Fields to the “Add Field” drop-down
    • “Contacts” module List View > 3-dot menu adds item for “Print Barcode”.
  • Contact “B2B Customer” Bulk Import
    • Adds support for importing “B2B Customer” and “B2B Channel” field for Contact CSV import allowing for Bulk settings of B2B WebStore users in lieu of doing this through the Contact Detailed View.

Transaction Modules

  • SO, PO, Quotes, SR, PR – “Merge”
    • All of the above listed modules List Views now support the ability to “Merge” multiple transactions into one.

Transaction Modes


  • SO, PO, Quotes, SR, PR – Product Search Enhancements
    • Multi-Keyword Product Search in the Product Text Field in these modules Edit View for Product Line Items (similar to what was previously supported in POS and Global Search).
  • Quotes CSV Import
    • Bottom of the “Quotes” module now includes an “Import Quotes” link with the “Import Format Template” alongside.
  • PDF Document Template – New Compute Markers
    • New General Use Marker Functions for “PDF Document Templates” under “Settings > Templates”
      • Custom Date Function
        • Allows for Addition or Subtraction on Date Markers by Days, Months, Years.
      • Custom Line item Total Function
        • Compute Total of a Line Item field for all Line Items
      • Custom Line Item Concat Function
        • Concatenate the Contents of a Line Item Field for all Line Items with a user specified Separator.
  • PO Receiving – “Print Barcode” button
    • If Print Barcode is turned on for PO Receiving (contact if you want this turned on), now there is a “Print Barcode” button available in the PO Detailed View to cover situations where the user missed or forgot to do it during Receiving.
  • New Tooltips for SO, SR, PO, PR, Quotes List Views
    • SO, SR, PO, PR, Quotes modules List View now includes Tooltips on the “Order No” column
    • The Tooltip displays information regarding Product Line Items in the Transaction along with Stock Information so you can review this information with a mouse over without having to click into each order.
    • Just mouse over a row in the Order No column and you will see the tooltip popup as shown in the screenshot below.

Tool Tips


    • The small “Green” circle next to the column label header “Order Id” will indicate if a column has tooltips – as we expand the tooltip support to other modules and fields, you will see this where tooltips are available.
  • Enhanced Tooltips for Shipping & Receiving > Receiving List View
    • “Receiving” modules List View now includes the “Qty Received” as a column in the Tooltip popup.
  • PO / SR – Sales Tax Authority Display added in Detailed & Edit Views
    • The Detailed View and Edit View for PO & SR now shows the “Sales Tax Authority” used in the transaction instead of the “Sales Tax” generic label in previous releases.
  • SR –> Create PR – New feature
    • Generate a Purchase Return to Vendor from a Customer Sales Return.
    • This function is available in the Sales Return Detailed View and List View 3-dot menu.


  • SO Split Order
    • Sales Order Detailed View now includes a “Split Order” function to break up a Sales Order based on line items.Sales Order Split Agiliron
  • Bulk Transmit POs to Vendors
    • For Suppliers connected via API, the Purchase Orders List View add support for Bulk Transmission of POs to Suppliers in the 3-dot menu.

• Bulk Transmit POs to Vendors

  • ApproveQuote – added “Comments” field for user notes
    • Added new “Comments” field for user specification notes during approval, these are captured into the Quote “Description” field.

Approve Quotes

Products & Inventory

  • PriceBook Manager Wizard
    • The first version of New “Pricebook Wizard” that allows the editing of multiple Pricebooks at once
    • More capabilities to follow in upcoming releases including formula support.Agiliron Pricebook
  • Product Images Thumbnails in Product Custom View column
    • Added support for displaying “Product Image Thumbnail” to the Product List View

Add bulk product images Agiliron

  • Product New/Edit Page – Product Category Selector Enhanced
    • New Category Selector on the Product New/Edit page with hierarchical display and search capabilities.


  • Product Bulk Image Upload Enhancements
    • New Product Image Import Capability that allows for import from local device and URLs
    • Ability to upload from file storage services like GDrive, DropBox etc. to follow in next release.
  • New Stock Location Addition – Follow up Options
    • Adds a User Question dialog whether to set Qty in Stock to 0 for all existing Products
    • If User selects “Yes”, the system sets the Qty in Stock to 0 for the new Stock Location for all existing Products
  • Product Label Printing Enhancements
    • Added Custom Field selector for Product Custom Fields to the “Add Field” drop-down

Business Intelligence (Enterprise+ Only)

  • New Purchase Returns View
  • Products View now includes Component fields section for Assembly, Kit, Proxy Products


  • New DataCandy Gift Card Integration
    • New Integration with Data Candy ( for Enterprise grade Gift Card services.
    • Loyalty program integration to follow in next release.


B2C/B2B Webstores (B2B Enterprise+ Only)

  • New Design Template – “549100241” added


  • eBay Country Selection & eBay Motors selection in eBay Channel Settings
    • eBay Channel Settings now includes fields for user selection of the “Country” and whether it is for or “eBay Motors”.

ebay Agiliron integration

API Services (Enterprise+ Only)

    • API 22 Enhancements (Enterprise+ Only)
      • Support for Matrix Items in the Product APIs
      • Support for Component Information for Assembly, Kit, Proxy Product Types
      • Enhanced API documentation
      • Please see for details