Agiliron Version 14 Product Release

March 24, 2021 - 6 minutes read

V14.0 Release Highlights

  • CRM/BackOffice Language Internationalization with new support for French &
    Spanish languages.
  • New Integration with “Podium” for managing Text Messaging with Customers.
  • New Integration with “DispatchTrack” for Delivery and Routing Planning.
  • New POS integration with “Adeyn” for Global Credit Card Processing
  • New POS Integration with DataCandy Loyalty for Enterprise Grade Loyalty
  • New “Transaction Notification Integration Framework” to connect Sales Order
    Notifications to External Applications & Services.
  • New API 30 with various new APIs for developers and improved performance
  • Many Productivity enhancements including Recurring Sales Orders, New Wizards
    for PO & Quotes.
  • Major Upgrades to the Warehouse App including Barcode scans using Camera,
    New Workflows for Stock Transfers and Stock Adjustments
  • QuickBooks Integration Enhancements
  • and much more!

V14.0 Release Details



  • New Podium Integration (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Contact if you want this capability enabled.
  • New DispatchTrack Integration (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Contact if you want this capability enabled.
  • QuickBooks Integration Enhancements
    • Auto-Sync Enhancements for QBO
      • Now Auto-Sync’s SR, PO, PR & Inv Adjustments in addition to Sales Orders
    • User Interface Improvements for QBD Sync App
      • Limit of 30 orders per sync removed
      • Ability to Cancel Sync added
      • User now has choice to save the output of the sync to a file
      • Help menu has menu item to take user to the location of Log files

CRM Modules

  • BackOffice Language Internationalization support
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
  • Settings > Notification Schedulers
    • New Layout
    • External Integrations Framework (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Customization at Event level (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Quote Notifications
  • Bulk Edit for Leads, Potentials, Accounts, Contacts
    • New Wizard based UI

Transaction Modules

  • Recurring Sales Orders
    • New Panel in Sales Order Edit View for specification of the Recurring Parameters
    • Can be set to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
    • Contact if you want this capability enabled.
  • Bulk Edit for SO, PO, SR, PR, Quote
    • New Wizard based UI
  • Select Template PDF Email – Customize Content Enhancements
    • now supports inclusion of Attachments
  • Sales Return – “Cancel” added
  • Pay Invoice Enhancements
    • Left panel now displays all Pending Invoices for that customer
  • SO -> PO now copies Custom Field information for ones with same name
  • SO/Shipping List View Tooltips
    • now includes Related Purchase Orders information
    • now includes Related Backorders information
    • now includes Unit Cost, Line Item Price & Gross Profit information
  • PO/Receiving List View Tooltips
    • now includes Related Sales Orders information
  • Direct Orders “Channel Order ID” field now set to SO #
  • All Transaction module Detailed Views Product Line Items now presented as links

Products & Inventory

  • Print Barcode Improvements
    • If you do not select any products in the List View, it will offer the user options to import a CSV of
      the products to print barcode OR a spreadsheet UI to specify the Product Codes.
    • If user only selects 1 product in the List View and that product is a Matrix Item product, an option is
      provided for user to select the skus to print barcode.
    • Support has been added for user to select a Specials Pricebook if strike through pricing is desired
      in the Print Barcode label.
    • Currency printed in the label now matches the currency of the selected Pricebook.
  • Bulk Edit for Products
    • New Wizard based UI


  • New Purchase Order Wizard
  • New Quote Wizard


  • New “Adeyn” integration for Global Credit Card Processing (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Contact if you want this capability enabled.
  • New “DataCandy” Loyalty integration (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Contact if you want this capability enabled.
  • Review Sales – now support Line Item Notes review

Warehouse Management App (Enterprise+ Only)

  • New Stock Transfer Workflow Added
    • Similar to the Bulk Transfer Workflow in the BackOffice
    • Allows Creation of Stock Transfer from current Stock Location to alternate Stock Locations
    • This creates the Stock Transfer order in Shipping module.
  • New Stock Adjustment Workflow Added
    • Similar to the Stock Adjustment Workflow in the BackOffice
    • Allows creation of Stock Adjustments for the products.
  • Barcode Scans by Camera Added (in addition to existing support for scanners)
  • Session Timeout – New Audio Alerts
  • Pick Flow Enhancements
    • Pick Status is Synced to BackOffice
    • Now supports addition of Line Item Notes
  • Group by Sku & Bin available no in Pick & Receive Flow Order Screens
  • Scan Units Mode now available in Pick and Receive Flow Order Screens in addition to
    the Cycle Count flow which had this in earlier versions.
  • Workflow Access Control – New Settings Selections of the Workflows to Enable/Disable for user access.
  • The release of this version of the App is pending with Apple for approval – will be
    available on your device once it is approved.

API Services (Enterprise+ Only)

  • New API 30 (Enterprise+ Only)
    • Various new APIs for developers and improved performance
      • Update Receiving – Partial Receiving Added
      • Update Shipping for Transfer Orders
      • Inventory Adjustment API
      • New APIs for Quotes, Helpdesk, Attachments, Custom Views
      • Account Balance API
      • Paging & Filtering Improvements across all endpoints
    • Please see for details