Agiliron Version 14.1 Product Release

June 21, 2021 - 4 minutes read

V14.1 Release Details



  • QuickBooks Integration Enhancements
    • New Feature – Use QB Currency Exchange Rates for Sync (Global Enterprise Edition Only)
    • “Set Sales Exchange Rate using QBO Rate” – new field in “Settings > QuickBooks”.
      • If this is turned “on”, the system will fetch the Currency Exchange Rate from
        QuickBooks at time of sync for the currency of the transaction and
      • Apply that to the transaction being synched.
      • It will also set the Currency Exchange Rate in the order in Agiliron.
    • This capability is available for Sales Orders, Sales Returns and Purchase Orders.
    • Requires QuickBooks Online to be setup for Multi-Currency and Agiliron “Currency Configuration” to be setup accordingly with the same currencies.

CRM Modules

  • Notification Schedulers – Customization at Channel Level
    • Settings > Notification Schedulers enhanced to allow Subject & Notification Content Customization at the Channel and Notification Level. CRM Module
  • Bulk Edit – New Wizard User Interface
    • New Wizard based “Bulk Edit” user interface now available in all modules.
    • You can find this under the “3-dot” menu in each module.
    • This Wizard includes field search, selection of multiple fields to update/edit, multi-lingual support and a step by step walk-through for the user to accomplish this task.
  • List View Select Template PDF Email Enhancement
    • New User Interface for “Select Template PDF > Email PDF” in the List View (e.g. Sales Orders List View).
    • This new dialog provides productivity enhancements that allows selection of Contacts for each Order in the same dialog OR selection of all Contact with a single click.

Business Intelligence (Enterprise+ Only)

  • Speed and Performance Enhancements


  • New Feature – Custom Payment Methods
    • POS now allow user specification of Custom Payment Methods to be added to the Payment Panel in the POS.
    • This can be configured under “Settings > Channels > edit POS Channel”

Pont of Sale

  •  New Feature – Line Item Level Shipping Selections
    • For Ship Orders, the POS now allows selection of “Deliver From” stock location, Carrier and Shipping Method for each line item in the POS transaction. Once “Ship” checkbox is selected, the POS line item displays a “Truck” icon for this selection.
    • Requires “Line Item Shipping” to be enabled for the Sales Orders & Shipping in BackOffice as well – please contact to enable this feature.

Line Item Shipping

  • New Feature – DispatchTrack Appointment Scheduling
    • New Capability to Schedule Delivery Appointment (through DispatchTrack) with Customer during Order Checkout.
    • Requires setup of DispatchTrack Connection under “Settings > 3PL Connections” in the BackOffice.

Dispatch Track

  •  Quotes in Offline Mode
    • Quotes creation is now available in Offline mode in POS
    • Along with Sync to BackOffice when the POS is back Online. 
  • New iOS App v3
    • Better handling of Receipts for new iOS versions
    • Now available on the Apple App Store.

 Warehouse Management App (Enterprise+ Only)

  • New v5 Released with
    • New Workflows for Stock Transfers & Stock Adjustments.
    • Barcode Scans using device Camera
    • New Workflow User Access Control Selections
    • Scan Units mode enabled in Picking & Receiving Workflows.
    • Group by Bin and Sku now available in Picking & Receiving Workflows.
    • Audio Alerts for Session Timeout.
  • Available now in the Apple App Store.