Agiliron Version 17 Product Release

December 6, 2023 - 3 minutes read

V17.0 Upcoming Release Highlights

  • V17.0 will be released to all Customers on January 27th US PT night.
  • New Walmart Marketplace Integration Channel – offers direct connection to Walmart Marketplace with support for all workflows as other marketplace channels like Amazon.
  • New Order Desk Integration Channel – facilitates connections to Additional Marketplaces, Shipping & Fulfillment service providers & external E-Commerce Shopping Carts.
  • New Cross-Platform Warehouse Management App Enhancements and Bug Fixes – support for Desktop, Laptops, tablets and phones – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android – Production Release with V17.0
  • New Responsive Themes for B2C and B2B Webstores with Demo Sites.
  • New API 40 with Multiple API Keys and Access Controls


V17.0 Upcoming Release Details



  • New “Walmart Marketplace” Integration Channel
  • New “Order Desk” Integration Channel

B2C/B2B Webstores (B2B Enterprise+ Only)

  • New Themes for B2C/B2B Webstores
    • New Themes now available for selection for B2C and B2B Webstores
    • You can select them in the Channel Settings for the B2C or B2B Webstore.
    • Try the “Demo” button in the theme selector dialog next to each theme to test drive them
    • All themes are Fully Responsive (works on all device sizes from desktops to mobile).

New Cross-Platform Warehouse Management App (Enterprise+ Only)

Warehouse Management iOS App (Enterprise+ Only)

  • Enhancements to the various workflows and bug fixes for improved quality.
  • The release of this version of the App is pending with Apple for approval – will be available on your device once it is approved.

API Services (Enterprise+ Only)

  • New API 40 Production Release (Enterprise+ Only)
    • New Addition of Support for Multiple API Keys with Profile based Access Controls
    • Optimization of the Bulk API calls for improved performance.
    • Please see for details
    • We recommend adoption of this version for any new API driven development.