Wagner Skis - Customer Success Story

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Business Story & Description

Wagner Custom is a small, US design and manufacturing firm that creates world renowned, custom-fit, tailor-made skis and snowboards. The company was founded in 2006, in an ultra-modern, solar and wind powered shop just outside of Telluride, Colorado. Each month, Wagner Custom builds just a few batches of the world’s finest skis, each pair uniquely designed and precision crafted for a specific customer. Wagner Custom helps people ski better and have more fun skiing by making sure each customer is on his or her optimal equipment.

"I've got probably the best ski tuner in the state of Colorado working here, I've got all these incredible mechanics and people who have years of experience doing ski tuning, ski racing, ski coaching, ski sales, ski marketing. There's an amazing level of talent here." Wagner says. "We have a system where we guide the customer through our fitting process and really focus on making sure they are on the best product possible". It is the attention to detail that makes the difference, thicker sidewalls reinforced where necessary for durability, 2.4 millimeter edges versus the industry standard of 1 millimeter, Kevlar layers in skis that will be abused, and a location-specific snow-ready tune.

Wagner Custom continues to realize steady growth as awareness for its customer-centric, stellar products spreads around the globe. Wagner sells directly to skiers thru multiple branded WebStores as well as thru sports equipment retailers and they also operate kiosks at various ski resort locations.


Bussiness: Sports Equipement

Industry: Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Direct Sales

Locations: Placerville, CO

We’ve found Agiliron to be powerful. It has improved our ability to communicate with customers, simplified production and order fulfillment, and will enable growth in a well-organized, efficient manner. - Pete Wagner, CEO, Wagner Skis
  • Testimonial
  • Challenges
  • Solution & Results
  • Highlighted Capabilities
  • Business Process Flow
  • Testimonial

    Before using Agiliron, Wagner Custom had separate software tools for ecommerce, production management, order fulfillment, inventory, and CRM. We had to manage several databases with overlapping information. Our processes were inefficient, prone to error, and limiting our ability to grow. We wanted to switch to an integrated business enterprise package that could aggregate our data, simplify our processes, and make reporting easier. Being a small company, we found Netsuite to be cost prohibitive. Agiliron made sense for us because it enables us to integrate our CRM, inventory, ecommerce, production management, and order fulfillment into one system. Plus, it works with Quickbooks which we were already using.

    The Agiliron team made implementation easy for us. We exported our various databases and the Agiliron staff was able to seamlessly import them into the new system. This process was a very healthy exercise for our business because we were able to streamline our data tracking and implement a more powerful reporting system.

    The Agiliron platform is very intuitive which made training and deployment simple. We still come up with questions when new circumstances arise. In such cases, the Agiliron team is quick to respond and effective in finding solutions for us.

    We’ve found the Agiliron system to be a very powerful tool for our business. It has improved our team’s ability to communicate with each other and with our customers, it has simplified our production management and order fulfillment process, and it has given us a platform that will enable our company to grow in a well-organized, efficient manner.

    - Pete Wagner, CEO, Wagner Skis

  • Challenges

    Inventory Management – Prior to Agiliron, inventory management was manual and consisted of spreadsheets and Quickbooks and moving of information back and forth. It was cumbersome, time consuming and inaccurate.

    Production Management – Was managed with complex spreadsheets. Access to multiple members of the production team and management was not possible, status tracking and team communication left a lot to be desired. Connection between sales orders and production was managed manually.

    Support for sales thru multiple webstores & Direct Sales – Sales thru these various channels requires integration - it was very inefficient to take and process orders and have an understanding into the state of the business at any point in time.

    Multi-user backend solution – previous patchwork of solutions required management, marketing, sales and production employees to use different tools to accomplish their tasks - Quickbooks, HighRise, Spreadsheets and custom databases. Fragmented data contributed to poor visibility across the business.

  • Solution & Results

    Edition, Modules, Users & Roles
    • Edition: Enterprise Edition
    • Modules: WebStore, Direct Sales, Assembly and Kit Products, Production Managment, CRM, Order Management
    • Users: CEO, Marketing, Sales, Production
    Migration of Existing Solutions
    • Migration of Customer Database from HighRise
    • Migration of Customer Fitting Data from MySQL database
    • Product Catalog and Images from existing webstores
    • Product Assembly and Inventory Data from QuickBooks
    Challenges Addressed & Results
    • Multiple Product and Inventory Types
      • Assembly and Kit Products - Raw Materials to Finished Goods, Auto management of Inventory and COGS
      • Matrix Item Brand Products - Organized by Size, Style & Color
      • Service Products - Tuning, Repairs, Labor
      • Real-time access to Stock & Price Book data
    • Production Management
      • Work Orders generated based on Sales Orders
      • Auto generation of production recipe for Work Orders
      • Production Status Tracking and Reports - Customized for Business process
    • All Sales Channels Integrated
      • WebStores, Direct Sales
      • Centralized Order Management across all channels
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Single customer database of customers from all channels
      • Several custom fields for tracking customer preferences and fitting data
      • Email marketing
    Impact on Business
    • Single Integrated Solution for managing all the Sales, Back-office and Front-office functions.
    • Significant cost savings in time and personnel for managing operations
    • Total visibility into business from anywhere
    Adoption & Deployment Timelines
    • September 2009 - went live; entire migration and deployment completed in a month
  • Highlighted Capabilities

    • Product:
      • Enterprise Edition
    • Multiple Sales Channels:
      • Retail WebStore: E-Commerce
      • Direct Sales: Phone/Fax Orders
    • Inventory:
      • Assemblies: Raw Material to Finished Goods
      • Matrix Item Products: Tracked by Size, Style, Color
      • Service Products
    • QuickBooks Integration
  • Business Process Flow

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