Agiliron Version 10.9 Updates

August 27, 2018 - 5 minutes read


UTF-8 International Character set support across the system

  • This now permits support for all language characters supported under the UTF-8 character set

Ability to set Custom Fields as Required field:

  • “Settings > Custom Fields > New Custom Field” page now includes “Is Required” as a checkbox to setup Custom Field as a “Required” field (this is available for all Custom field types except “Checkbox” field type)
  • Required fields will cause the System to require the users to enter data into those fields before the entity being created is saved.
  • The Custom fields that are Required will not be able to turn off in:
    • “Settings > Default Organization Fields Access” or
    • “Settings > Fields Accessibility
  • Further details and screenshots can be found here

New Product Reorder Wizard:

  • New Wizard that facilitates replenishment of depleted inventory through transfers or purchases.
  • Further details and screenshots are here

Sales Return CSV Import Added

  • Similar to Sales Order import – see template at the bottom of “Orders > Sales Returns.”
  • Further details and screenshots are here

New “SPS Commerce EDI” and “CommerceHub” Channels now available under ‘Settings > Channels”

  • Custom Fields needed for Sales Order module for these channels are auto created when Channel is created
  • Fields available for FTP access to respective vendor portals.

QBO/QBD Sales Return Sync now includes Classes

  • If Class support is turned on, Credit Memo / Refund Receipt sync now includes Class information just as with Sales Receipts and Invoices.
  • This is applicable for Sales Returns created from previous Sales Orders in the system – the “Channel” information from the related Sales Orders is used

Settings > QuickBooks – 2 new controls added

  • “Enable QuickBooks Webhook” – turn on webhooks for notifications on Invoice or Bill Payments from QBO to Agiliron – default “off”
  • “Purchase Order Payment Account” – needs to be set to the Account that will be used for Payment of Bills in QBO – used when POs are synced from Agiliron to QBO that include partial/full payments
  • Further details and screenshots are here

Sales Order enhancements

  • Product Selection Dialog now includes columns for “Qty in Stock, Qty on SO/Qty on PO” for Selected “Stock Location” in Sales Order
  • New Contact dialog now includes support for more fields


New Quotes Workflow

  • Added new optional “Quotes” workflow to POS on left panel
  • Similar to Sale screen in POS but without the payment and cash panels
  • On Checkout, added support for Quote template “Print/Email/Both” along with Print POS custom receipt for Quotes
  • On successful Checkout, creates new “Quote” in the BackOffice Quotes module
  • Added POS Quote template selection in the BackOffice POS Channel settings under “Configuration > Customer Receipt Options”
  • Further details and screenshots are here and here

Warehouse Management App

New Workflow – “Add New Product”

  • Similar to the “New Product Wizard” flow in the BackOffice to create a New Product

Pick Flow enhancements

  • Displays “Line Item Notes” for each line item in the order (adds another line “Notes: …..” in the “Product” column) on the screen where you display Products (this could be when you click into the order OR when you Group by Bin/Sku)
  • Shows “Product Image” thumbnails in Pick flow (added a column for this – displays this column only if the below setting is turned on)
  • New setting in the Warehouse App “Settings” page called “Display Product Image Thumbnails” – default “off”
  • When this is turned “on” provides a warning “Turning on Product Image Thumbnails will have an impact on app performance” (esp. important for users with large number of products)
  • NOTE: Has been Submitted to Apple, will be available in iTunes Store upon Apple approval