• Direct Sales - How It Works

    The Workflow Picture below provides an overview of a typical business process to manage the business direct sales efforts - demonstrating sales through inbound calls from print or online catalog customers (phone or fax or email communication) and outbound calls to existing customers or new leads from lead generation activities like marketing campaigns.

    The various steps outlined in this process are:

    • 1. Marketing Campaigns to generate leads or draw customers to product catalogs
    • 2. Inbound calls from potential customers or Outbound calls to existing customers or new leads
    • 3. Check products, inventory and pricing for customer interest items
    • 4. Creation of a Sales Order and capture of transaction information - Customer, Order Details
    • 5. Handling of any Customer Support items in the context of the customer or order
    • 6. Order Fulfillment and Payment Processing

    Business Workflow

    How It Works - Direct Sales - Business WorkFlow