• eBay, Amazon, EDI Integrations and More

    Agiliron makes it easy to integrate with and manage your eBay and Amazon marketplace accounts. No more logging seperately into multiple accounts to manage your orders and inventory. Manage it all through Agiliron.

    • No more logging into multiple systems and cobbling together your inventory via spreadsheets.
    • No more inventory mishaps like selling a product on your website only to find out later that another customer bought up all the inventory via eBay.
    • When you want to add a new sales channel you do it through Agiliron. No more time wasted spent learning how to use a new platform. Add new sales channels quickly and efficiently.

    eBay Marketplace, eBay Motors & eBay Stores Integrations

    Product Listing Setup
    • eBay Category Selection
    • Create and Update eBay Store Categories automatically
    • Auction and Listing Type
    • Listing Product & Pricing
    • Duration & Schedule
    • Payment Settings
    • Shipping & Fulfillment Settings
    • Tax Settings

    eBay Listing

    • Start, Reserve, Buy It Now Pricing
    • Chinese Auctions
    • Fixed Price
    • On eBay Auctions and eBay Stores
    • Support for Revise, Cloning and Relisting
    • Support for eBay Multi Variation Listings (Matrix Items)
    • View all listings on eBay and status of bids
    • Real-time capture of transactions into AGILIRON Back-Office & Front-Office
    • Order Changes/Tracking propagated to eBay
    • Questions to Seller captured into Front-Office as Tickets - respond from Agiliron
    • Seller/Bidder Feedback captured

    Amazon Marketplace Integration

    • All Amazon orders and transactions are automatically captured in Agiliron
    • Product Catalog, Pricing, Inventory information flows from the Agiliron system to Amazon Marketplace and vice-versa
    • Complete push/pull FBA inegration
    • Easily send orders to the FBA Warehouse
    • Send packing slips/shipping labels to the Drop Ship supplier.
    • View all listings on Amazon within Agiliron

    EDI - SPS Commerce Integration

    • With the Agiliron SPS Commerce integration you can be EDI capable with all your retail customers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, SHOP.com and more
    • Full-cycle visibility into your orders & inventory — in real-time
    • 850 Purchase Order Incoming
    • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
    • 810 Invoice Outgoing
    • 856 Ship Notice Outgoing
    • 846 Inventory Feed Outgoing
    • 870 Order Status Outgoing

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