The AGILIRON Business Management Solution Suite encapsulates a variety of business processes as it relates to sales, operations, customers, accounting and other critical business functions.

The following sections capture these processes into graphical workflows to communicate the essence of what the system can offer to faciliate the growth and streamline the operations of your business.

Business Customization

An overview of the typical process to setup and customize the AGILIRON solution suite to map to operations within your business.

The company definition, product definition and configuration, accounting framework setup followed by the addition of product inventory, pricing information, sales channel configuration and customer/vendor addition are highlighted.

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Online Channels

Overview of the management of one or more online sales channels. Demonstrates sales through two independent webstores (one for wholesale customers and one for retail customers with different pricing) and the eBay Auctions marketplace or eBay Stores.

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Direct Sales

Overview of the management of the business direct sales efforts - sales through inbound calls from print or online catalog customers (phone or fax or email communication) and outbound calls to existing customers or new leads from lead generation activities like marketing campaigns are covered.

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Retail POS

Overview of the management of one or more retail stores or locations. The typical business process to manage one or more retail brick and mortar stores is the focus with a demonstration of sales through two retail stores with one or more checkout lanes.

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Front Office

The Front-Office operations of the business is demonstrated - the Customer Management, Marketing Campaigns for lead generation, Sales Cycle Management for customer acquisition combined with the Order Management and Customer Support processes.

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Back Office

The Back-Office operations of the business is demonstrated - the fulfillment, payment processing and accounting functions for sales orders generated from all the sales channels; the purchasing, receiving and associated accounting functions for purchase orders generated by the business; the management of the product catalog, inventory and pricing.

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