West Coast Associates

Customer Success Story

A division of West Coast Associates Inc. (Est. 1998), The Small Planet Workshop opened in late 2009 in Olympia, WA to support the growing interest in high performance building envelope construction found in Passivhaus & Zero Energy Buildings. Small Planet Workshop is a company dedicated to the supply, education, and training in the use of energy-efficient building materials and practices

As West Coast Associates grew, it became harder for them to manage their inventory, product library, pricing and orders.

While continuing to develop their online business, they were still primarily a wholesale building materials supplier. Through the use of Agiliron they can now perform all sales, quotes, CRM and inventory functions in one simple system with one login. It has even allowed them to drop SalesForce.com entirely.

With Agiliron, they can now:

  • create a customer as a single account with multiple contacts or job sites
  • create and attach documents related to a potential sale
  • create tasks and reminders to follow the potential
  • turn the potential into an inventory item quote
  • turn the quote into a sales order with one click
  • create a PO for the order if needed
  • And schedule an immediate or future shipment of the order to the customer.

Having a single system (Agiliron) that joined a CRM with sales and inventory created a level of simplicity for West Coast Associates that was not possible before.


Business: Wholesale Building Materials Specialty Supplier

Industry: Wholesale, Retail, B2C/B2C E-Commerce

Locations: Oregon and Washington

URL: www.smallplanetworkshop.com

"For our company having the single system that joined a CRM with sales and inventory created a level of simplicity that was just not possible before. It really doesn't matter if we are in the office or out, this web based SaaS lets all of our staff perform all of these functions with equal ability on a desktop in the office or an iPad in the field."

- Albert Rooks - CEO, West Coast Associates Inc.

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