• Warehouse Management App The Warehouse Management App is designed for use with all tablets and mobile devices (including iOS and Android). The warehouse app allows the user to quickly Pick, Receive and perform Cycle Counts on Inventory, create Products, and add images to products.

    Why customers love Agiliron Warehouse & Inventory Management

    • Enhanced Product Purchasing Power. Custom product setup and fields allow for better product tracking, reporting, and category organization that will help when creating purchase orders based on inventory & demand.
    • Efficient & Accurate Receiving Processes. Receive purchase orders (and track them ahead of time) using the Warehouse Mobile App to scan on receipt or receive an entire PO as a whole. Once complete, sync the PO and Inventory receipt with the press of a button and the PO is automatically received into the Back Office
    • Simplified Order Management and Fulfillment. Integrate with ShipStation for streamlined fulfillment. Manage orders based on fulfillment stage (Created, Invoiced, Shipped, Paid, Complete). Develop custom views to sort and schedule fulfillment by sales channel. Add a wireless barcode scanner to enable scan-to-pick slip and combine packing list customization features for better informed shipment documentation

    Click Below to Watch a Demo of the Agiliron Warehouse Management App: