• Operations (Back-Office)

    The AGILIRON Integrated Business Management Suite seamlessly integrates the management of multiple commerce channels to the Back-Office modules such as accounting, crm or shipping to enable real-time management of product catalog, inventory, pricing, order fulfillment, payment processing and accounting functions.

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    The unified management of these back-office operations is accomplished through:

    • Single Database of products...upload the pictures, inventory, descriptions only once
    • Price Books for customers, channels or any other segmentation for the products
    • Channel Management to enable definition and configuration of all sales channels
    • Transactions from all channels are captured in real time - Orders, Customers
    • Fulfillment that facilitates the picking, packing and shipping processes
    • Accounting module that integrates with QuickBooks
    • Purchasing modules that manages the business supply chain

    One Business Database and one system to manage your entire Back Office operations!



    • Complete set of Product and Catalog Management capabilities - Hierachical Categories, Multiple Images, Descriptions, Custom Attributes
    • Sophisticated Inventory Management solutions - Multiple Stock Locations, Matrix Items, Serialized Inventory, Lot Tracked Products, Assemblies, Real-time inventory updates into sales channels
    • Pricing Management - unlimited number of Price Books - by sales channel, customer or other segmentation
    • Sales Channel Management - single integrated view of all sales channels and assignment of products and pricing information; real time capture of transactions from the sales channels
    • One integrated process for fulfillment regardless of sales channel of origin
    • Accounting - Receivables, Payables, QuickBooks Integration
    • Supply Chain Management - Reorder Levels, Inventory Notifications, Purchasing and Vendor Management


    Detailed Features

    Product Catalog & Inventory Management
    • Hierarchical Product Categories
    • Multiple Categories Per Product
    • Custom Attributes
    • Unlimited Images per Product
    • Sales Information or Descriptions
    • Stock Item Quantity, Quantity on Order
    • Multi-Stock Location Support
    • Matrix Items - Style SKUs
    • Serialized Inventory
    • Lot Tracked Inventory
    • Assemblies
    • Product Customizations (e.g. Gift Wrapping options, Engraving Text or Gift Wrapping message)
    • Product Substitutes
    • Service Products
    • Multi-Channel Tracking & Auto-sync


    Product Pricing Management
    • Create Unlimited number of Price Books
    • By Sales Channel or Customer Segment or other criteria
    • Differential pricing for Product SKUs
    • Differential Pricing by Location
    • Associate any number of price books per product


    Order Fulfillment
    • Customize Shipping Carriers and Methods
    • Record Shipping Carrier & Method, Ship Date, Tracking Information, Actual Shipping Cost


    Sales Channel Management
    • Support for unlimited number of sales channels
    • Product Information auto-sync with Channels
    • Pricing Information auto-sync with Channels
    • Inventory Information auto-sync with Channels
    • Channel Configuration and Setup for Secure Data Exchange


    Supply Chain Management
    • Reorder Levels
    • Vendor Management
    • Purchase Order Process
    • Receiving Interface


    Accounting & Financials
    • Receivables & Payables, GL Accounts
    • Invoice Management
    • Tax Rates & Agencies
    • Integration with QuickBooks for Financials
    • Import and Export data w/ QuickBooks
    • Review Accounts Receivable Reports Including AR Aging Reports


    See how the AR Aging Report Works:

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