• Operations (Front-Office)

    The AGILIRON Integrated Business Management Suite seamlessly integrates the management of multiple commerce channels to the Front-Office modules to enable real-time management of sales, customers, orders, and customer support.

    The unified management of these front-office operations is accomplished through:

    • Unified Customer data...from across all sales channels
    • Targeted Marketing Campaigns leveraging this integrated view of your customers
    • Sales Management that allows tracking of activities, sales stage, quotes & orders
    • Order Management allowing real-time access and editing capabilities
    • Enhanced Customer Support through immediate access to customer & order information and tracking of customer support tickets to resolution.

    One Business Database and one system to manage your entire Front Office operations!


    • Complete set of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to support Direct Sales efforts - Sales Cycle Management, Customer Activities, Marketing Campaigns
    • All agents have real-time access to immediate product inventory data and product pricing information
    • For customer interactions, complete access to customer history and buying information
    • Create Sales Orders directly into the AGILIRON system that is automatically routed to other stages in the business process
    • Complete set of Customer Support Management capabilities - Case management, Order Management
    • Easily generate support statistics and sales pipeline information for business management
    • Growing your customer support or sales team is easy - a PC, internet connection/web browser and then are connected immediately to your business

    Detailed Features

    Customer Management

    • Accounts
    • Contacts - Unlimited per Account
    • Order History
    • Customer Support Tickets
    • Track Quotes, Invoices
    • Associate Tasks, Events, Notes
    • CSV Import

    Direct Sales Management

    • Manage Leads
    • Track Potentials thru Sales Cycle & Activities
    • Automatic Conversion to Customer Accounts and Contacts
    • Generate Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices
    • Automatic Conversion of Quotes to Orders to Invoices
    • Customer Sales & Support History Available
    • CSV Import

    Customer Support

    • Case Message Center
    • Case by Priority
    • Case by Product
    • Queue Management & Case Assigment
    • Cumulative Statistics
    • FAQ Knowledge Base

    Marketing Automation

    • Communicate thru your Email Service Provider
    • Support for IMAP protocol
    • Send and Receive Emails
    • Associate all communications with Customer Accounts
    • Support for Bulk Emails
    • Filter Customer Lists for Targeted Campaigns
    • Message Personalization - HTML Editor
    • CAN-SPAM Compliance

    Order Management

    • Orders from all Sales Channels
    • Order Modifications and Cancellations
    • Automatic sync of Order Changes with Channel
    • Routing of E-Commerce orders to stock locations
    • Management of Sales Returns