• Operations (Front-Office)

    The Agiliron CRM software solution helps retailers manage their customer data, sales orders, marketing campaigns for lead generation and customer support. Seamlessly integrate the management of multiple commerce channels to the Front-Office modules to enable real-time management of sales, customers, orders, and customer support.

    The unified management of these front-office operations is accomplished through:

    • Unified Customer data across all sales channels
    • Targeted Marketing Campaigns leveraging this integrated view of your customers
    • Sales Management that allows tracking of activities, sales stage, quotes & orders
    • Order Management allowing real-time access and editing capabilities
    • Enhanced Customer Support through immediate access to customer & order information and tracking of customer support tickets to resolution.

    One Business Database and one system to manage your entire Front Office operations!


    • Complete set of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to support Direct Sales efforts - Sales Cycle Management, Customer Activities, Marketing Campaigns
    • All agents have real-time access to immediate product inventory data and product pricing information
    • For customer interactions, complete access to customer history and buying information
    • Create Sales Orders directly into the AGILIRON system that is automatically routed to other stages in the business process
    • Complete set of Customer Support Management capabilities - Case management, Order Management
    • Easily generate support statistics and sales pipeline information for business management
    • Growing your customer support or sales team is easy - a PC, internet connection/web browser and then are connected immediately to your business

    Detailed Features

    Customer Management

    • Accounts
    • Contacts - Unlimited per Account
    • Order History
    • Customer Support Tickets
    • Track Quotes, Invoices
    • Associate Tasks, Events, Notes
    • CSV Import

    Direct Sales Management

    • Manage Leads
    • Track Potentials thru Sales Cycle & Activities
    • Automatic Conversion to Customer Accounts and Contacts
    • Generate Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices
    • Automatic Conversion of Quotes to Orders to Invoices
    • Customer Sales & Support History Available
    • CSV Import

    Customer Support

    • Case Message Center
    • Case by Priority
    • Case by Product
    • Queue Management & Case Assigment
    • Cumulative Statistics
    • FAQ Knowledge Base

    Marketing Automation

    • Communicate thru your Email Service Provider
    • Support for IMAP protocol
    • Send and Receive Emails
    • Associate all communications with Customer Accounts
    • Support for Bulk Emails
    • Filter Customer Lists for Targeted Campaigns
    • Message Personalization - HTML Editor
    • CAN-SPAM Compliance

    Order Management

    • Orders from all Sales Channels
    • Order Modifications and Cancellations
    • Automatic sync of Order Changes with Channel
    • Routing of E-Commerce orders to stock locations
    • Management of Sales Returns