• Business Intelligence Detailed Features

    The AGILIRON Integrated Business Management Suite seamlessly integrates the management of multiple E-Commerce channels to the Back-Office and Front-Office modules. The Business Intelligence capabilities allows the business to tap the single database of information of provide significantly improved visibility into all aspects of your business.

    Features Include:

    • Standard & Custom Reports that deliver sales, inventory and operational data in easily consumable formats
    • Dashboard Analytics to track key performance indicators and business metrics
    • One integrated view of your entire business - sales, products, inventory, fulfillment, accounting and other operational data; get the visibility you need to make good business decisions
    • Standard Reports - Fifty Reports - Sales, Sales Pipeline, Products, Customers, Receivables, Payables and more!
    • Generate Custom Reports by selecting attributes to be correlated, filtered and extracted
    • Create Custom Filters to mine the data and provide context
    • Dashboard Analytics for continuous monitoring of business trends - standard indicators or create custom key performance indicators for your business
    • Unified Search facility that searches across all system modules for quick access
    • Access this information in your office, at a customer site, at a tradeshow or on personal time - available anytime, anywhere
    • Customized Dashboard to view the information that is most important to your business


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